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series 2 gtst r33 dis-005

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hi vicky
im after sf coilpacks from series 2 can i have a price deliverd thanks marc :)
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I think marc will ring you tomorrow Vicky, its deffo s2 R33 gtst and SF DIS-005's req :)
I think he may also be after some 33 gtst side repeaters :)
Ah, ok thanks Marc and Matt.

Prices are all on the website also. Website prices include VAT but not delivery. Simply add a product to basket to see delivered price. No sign up needed to do this. :)
soory to maybe ask a stupi question but will the 255ltr pump be a direct replacement ie. is it model specific or are they all the same. Reason being, i've one fitted to my honda prelude and would rip it out of it if it would fit., thanks, stevie :)
Hi Stevie, it will be fine as long as the pump is a GSS341 or GSS342 (stamped on pump). :)
thanks a million mate, gonna pull the guts out of her tomorrow :)
You are welcome Stevie. Dont forget to grab the wiring loom with the pump. :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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