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Hi All,

Just purchased an 89 R32 GTR over the weekend and its totally Standard apart from a HKS Superdragger exhaust and HKS turbo timer however i need some advice please.

Firstly...i have a couple of tiny rust patches and want to get them sorted so its in A1 condition i can get the paint however am not sure of a good place to get this done and how much it will cost?

Second...i have 17 Gunmetal Grey wheel nuts and need one more so i have a full set or i could put on a locking wheel nut if any one knows where to get either.

Third...the speedo is in kph which isn't a prob however i was wondering if anyone has a mph speedo or know where i can get one?

Finally...Servicing does anyone know of a good place to get the car serviced also good mods to make to the car e.g. hks dump valve etc i would like to keep it standard but can agree on some recommended mods if essential?

Please bear in mind that i live in Suffolk (east anglia) when recommending tuners however i am willing to travel if necessary?

Thank you all for you time and reading my post!

Best Regards,

Alan Jackson
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