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Set of 6 Coil Packs - (for Sale) £30 + P&P (spec 2 only)

Set of 6 Coil Packs - (for Sale) £30 + P&P


Bought these to replace my own in my R32 Gts-t, however they are out of a late R33 GTS-t so the clip fitting is slightly different (about 1mm lower)

looking @ the coil with the pins facing me th code - IB G + , is just beneath the pins.

Again pins facing me just at the top of the rubber stem the code is - MCP-1330

These came out due to an upgrade on a friends car, gaurentee 100% working. Inside the coils where the little spring sits is unbelivably clean look like new

No good to me as i have got another set for mine, please check the codes before buying. Maybe somone can enlighten if there was a change on the later r33 gts-t's and what year, as the ones i now have came out of an earlier R33 Gts-t and they fit fine

£30 + P&P
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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