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Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting and hopefully will get some reactions :)

At the moment my car feels like a bouncy house since my rear shocks are not functioning properly, it still has the original shocks.

So what I'm wondering is , do I want to get stock shocks (dampers only) again or are coil overs the better choice. I live on an island where the roads are not exactly great ans speed bumps everywhere! So I really do not want anything toooo stiff. But certainly something to keep me nice and planted when driving fast and drifting etc etc, you get my drift :p no pun intended XD

Please do advise, I appreciate it :)

And send me a pm or e-mail if you have anything available for m at a reasonable price

Oh and I have tein coilovers in the front atm... thats how I got the car!
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