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Shopping list

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Ok here is my wish list, and basically need to know what this is going to cost in shipping , cheapest possible route, if you need to tie it to the backs of turtles to save money I won't mind :D

I've seen they are breaking quite a few so I don't mind having to wait :D

Number 1
Roof wind deflector

number 2

Number 3

C Pillar trim

Number 4

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Mega uber fourth level Mohawk night elf special bump!!
**** loadsa bubble wrap....strap it all to a pallet n put it in a plane?
Sorry for not getting back to you bin doing mot course. This would go sea or container. Conntainer could take a very long time as its not full yet but would only cost about £150 to ship
Cheers Paul, thats all the info I needed :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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