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Hey guys, I've been trying to research this for days, but I have not been able to get the answers I need. I have searched 100's of Google Pics, looked for write ups from various people but I think I can only get the right answers from the people who actually OWN the cars.. The engine is supposedly from an R34, and judging from the ECU connector (since the company hasn't sent me the correct ECU, if you know the number I need, that would be double awesome) it is really from an R34, there are 4 rows, as opposed to 2 on a normal S1/S2 RB25. I can't find any evidence that it's a NEO motor, since it didn't come with the valve cover, and the injectors are side feed. So if you've got that information as well, I'd appreciate it. (I don't mind forking out some paypal fees for whoever helps me out) So here's where I'm at. I took some pictures to show my dilemma.
Here's a picture of my motor how I received it:

I need to know what the connectors in RED go to (yes, I know one is a light, what light?)

Here's a close up of that bundle of wires, I know that they go right around the MAF:

I also need to know about the other half of the wires, the connectors on the right are under the dash, and the connectors at the top are in the engine bay, and most of the wires are contained in that bundle:

here's a close up of those connectors:

I researched Yahoo Auctions Japan and found those two grey connectors go into this box, but one auction says they are an Auto Mission Computer and one says that it's an ABS Computer, it's under the dash:
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