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Skyline Apocalypse - Part 1

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Skyline Apocalypse.

Part 1

The Prelude

When I was very young, the big nations of the world controlled everything, saw everything and knew everything. Then came a time of great change...

It hadn’t come as a surprise, the steady decline and descent into a scarcity of resources and overseas shipments.
With no money left in the government after years of spending it was up to the people to look to their own defences and needs.
What tools and parts necessary were made from locally fabricated places. The oil and gas still flowed. But life got a lot harder when the road wars began. With the armies overseas and an ineffectual rear-party echelon remaining at home the threads of civilisation were thin indeed.

Times were already tough but the scarcity of food and clean water in the cities saw the collapse of law and order. With too many outbreaks of social breakdown there the police moved to enclaves on the outskirts. Places where the few could shelter and be fed. Power shortages had gone from being occasional, to perpetual and added to the breakdown of ‘the system’
It started with various gangs at first, robbing vulnerable motorists in areas they’d have to slow down in.
Then with little to fear from a population which largely relied on a slow police response it was a criminals and anarchists paradise.
After several months of this, the term ‘wreckers’ came into prominence to describe the violent marauding bands. Looters were rampant in the cities while strange reports of a rogue army unit on the rampage spread like wild-fire.

Rise of the Factions

By now several other factions rose up amid this strange power-vacuum to band together in order to survive. Survivalists, criminal alliances, feral teenage gangs along with car and bike warrior groups.

The ordinary motorist, if he was lucky, would hope his local area might support him in day to day life if he had the skills and barter-trade for resources.

For the exotic car owners there arose, by a fortunate set of circumstances, a chance at striking back at the injustices you see around you.

Clan / House Skyline

Several months before ordinary life gave way to the social breakdown had been one of preparing.
The survivalists left their homes and travelled to their secret bases deep in the rural lands. Well prepared and ready for what was to come. The homesteading farmers and wealthy, already well armed and prepared ‘bugged-in’ and fortified.
For most of the youth there was partying a crazy hedonistic groove like there was no tomorrow.
The ordinary folk worked as normal, reckoning it to pass like all things pass.
Then there were the car owners, criminals, boy-racers, tuners, chavsters and other car owners who saw the gradual descent as a time of opportunity and change in the winds of fortune.
Then there was BC;Big Chief, the man with a plan and someone with the gleam of the eccentric in his eye. He was forwarned by his mystery Benefactor months in advance. At first he refused to believe it. Then he too slowly realised, it was time for action!
Just in time he’d had his a complex of Skylining bought and paid for by the mysterious benefactor who advised him on the ways.
“Keep away from the cities, especially the big ones.” He’d been warned. “They’ll be hostile unless you’re in with the criminality factions.”
“This place will be where you can stay in safety with you and your people. How many do you intend to bring to this place?”
“It depends on how many answer the call. It could be thousands.” BC shrugged.
“That’s too many for now, this place is best for no more than two-hundred to three-hundred.”
“Then we’ll expand it to fit our numbers.”
“I leave it in your hands then, good luck and keep to the path I’ve showed you.” With that the Benefactor left as he had came. No-one ever saw him again, he’d returned overseas, some say to India, others to Tibet.
Well stocked with provisions and some of the tools necessary for working on the legendary machines he overlorded BC got to work...

A Call to Arms

Two days before the internet goes down you’d just received word from your Skyline forum.
An emergency meeting was being called. All members who attended would be initiated into Big Chiefs Elite Clan Skyline. Usually you don’t bother with such gatherings, but somehow, you know this to be different.

Only 5,000 of the 20,000 plus members of the forum received BCs exclusive rallying cry and of those only 150 heeded it by attending in person.

Fall of normality

After the meeting, as if somehow sensed by BC, the worldwide internet came to a grinding-halt. Servers simultaneously crashed. Successful attempts were made to re-start the web via local servers but things would never be the same again.

Humble Roots, Skylines the Limit

From the start though there was tension in the ranks.
The Scottish Skyliners clashed with their English brothers. This was mainly over the choice of name for the faction than any nationalistic differences though.
‘It should be Clan Skyline.’ Came the shout from the bold Jocks.
‘No it should be House Skyline. Clan is a Scottish name and you are on English Land’ came the gruff reply from the Southern English.
‘Hell, just use both terms and save the arguing.’ Called out the Welsh and Northern English drivers.
Big Chief nodded and agreed to this notion from the ranks. There was no more arguing after that. Clan Skyline by over half of them, House Skyline by others. Some used both, the arguments subsided, for the most part.
Now the War Chief made his bold vision for the future.
“Scattered as we are we’ll be swept up by one of the other factions sooner or later. Already some of the factionless Skylines have been scooped up.” He shouted out.
“Only by House AND Clan Skyline uniting as one against the common enemy can we make a stand and carve our own land and power from the chaos.” BC finished, allowing the gathered to think and brood.
“We’ve come to make a stand on how bad things are BC, but what can we do. We are but 150, only half of our machines are battle-functional and our supplies are non-existent.” Came a shout from Richo.
“How so? Did you think I’d summoned you all to a deserted supply compound” Grinned BC along with his right-hand men.
As if in answer 5 mighty UBRE (Unit Bulk Refuelling) Wagons bulking with fuel roared to life and appeared from around the side of a garage building. They parked nearby and began refuelling the mighty beasts from the east.
‘There’s 50,000 litres more where they came from, some spare parts hoarded and donated from the Rising Sun Machine Clan and elsewhere.’ BC continued.
“What of power BC, the powerstations only supply eleky for the daylight hours.” A gruff Yorkshire man called out.
“We’ve ample generators.” He explained.
“What weapons do you have in order to guarantee our safety and protection.’ Came a shout from a Welsh Skyliner.
On this BC fell silent for a moment.
“For now enough, but what you bring will be need also. We do need rifles and pistols. The benefactor only gave us one type of machine gun and ammunition.” BC lamented, pointing to the catche of GPMGs.
“In that case I may be of some use!” The Welsh one; whose name was Jaz, shouted back.
BC nodded. Perhaps this wild plan of his had some hope after all...
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Over the next two weeks the newly risen faction, quietly but surely, got underway in preparing itself for entering the violent road scene.

In times gone past their Skylines would be a thing of pedestal-like admiration and awe. Now though the times meant any car was a car and it’s looks meant for nothing. But it was what lay within machine that gave it the true power.
Frames were constructed, weapons mounted, suspension raised and strengthened.
Initially BCs liberal mindset allowed the skyliners free rein over the steel, weaponry and armanents.
This was a heady period with those who had the knowhow fitting lethal weaponry to their machines.
Some favoured a ‘battle-car’ approach with heavy armour, weapons for slugging it out with a potential foe.
They looked like sleek behemoths; Steel armour-plating on the front, rear and sides, bullet-thickened glass, a mesh cage with removable ‘squares’ cut out for the driver and co-driver protected the windows further. A set of machine guns on either side, operated by either driver or co-driver was the typical arrangement.
An ordinary car would suffer in performance with the added weight, but not the Skyline!

BC and his conclave of brothers watched as the experienced mechanics and machinists directed the in-experienced ones to and fro.
“So these are the Barracuda’s.” BC mused, using the moniker these skylines were now known by. Most of them were R32s and R33s; their spare parts pool being in great supply.

“The machine-guns aren’t perfect BC. We’ve been able to mount them for forward-firing only. And there’s still no easy way to remotely trigger them from the cockpit.” Speedreaper said disparagingly. He was in-charge overall of the garage and it’s operation.
“So the gunner and driver have to leave their windows open and fire manually. Not good for high-speed fighting.” BC brooded, annoyed at the disadvantage his people would have. He went on.
“They aren’t the sentinel-guns that the Scoobies use but they’ll do for now. Are the machinists upgrading all 50 of the Barracuda Skylines to this Spec.” BC replied, mentioning the turret-machine guns mounted forward of the sun-roof favoured by Clan Scooby.
“Aye, but it took some persuading let me tell you. Some of the lads weren’t happy to see their pride and joy messed up with all the armour.”
“Times have changed and still there are those that think it’s safe to drive unarmoured when allied to a faction.” BC chuckled and examined one of the machine guns. It was from the catche left by the Benefactor, a GPMG from an abandoned barracks somewhere he reckoned.
It was of course heavy, yet BC handled it as though it was a mere rifle; something they lacked.
“See about using cables and pulleys wired to the trigger fixes the trigger problem somehow. It's a crude method but should suffice for the time being.” BC saged, noting the generous trigger guard.
“Will-do BC. Should take me a week to rig them all up.”
"This is only the start of our journey, look one of the Talon's is nearly ready.” BC continued, going over to the middle-section of the garage complex.

Here the 50 ‘Assault’ Skylines were almost complete. These lacked the heavy armour and instead of machine-guns were bristling with rams, spikes and other ingenious devices to destroy a car at close range. These were the Talons. Less lethal and dangerous than the barracuda’s which bristled with weaponry it’s driver would go about ramming and disabling a rival vehicle, intimidate an enemy and prevent it from closing in on the barracuda’s. Most of these were the R33 class of Skyline, a few were the R34 varient which took a slightly heavier frame.

Several members of the faction working stopped what they were doing as BCs conclave approached.
“That’ll do for now lads, get some food and rest for a while.” BC said. He’d been working the garage teams hard, from first light to last they’d spannered and modified vehicles for 7 days solid. They’d earned a rest and light duties now and he made a mental note to have them stood-down for a while.
The final branch of the factions machines lay outside and they walked though the open shutter doors to check on them.

It was a cloudy day but no rain threatened.
The previous day had seen heavy rainfall though and the ground was still damp and wet. In the compounds main clearance area was the DET Squad – The ‘Deep Eyes Trojans’ or just Deep Eyes for short.
Waiting, with machines engines running they were growing impatient as they wished to be away soon.
Their Skylines were only lightly armour modified with a ‘double-skin’ of foam and carbon covering various areas and a fine wire mesh covering the windows.
Soloists, rovers and adventurers they were.
The Deep Eyes would operate in small groups or pairs for months at a time in enemy territory scouting and sneaking around like wolves. No-one was officially in command of them but only their loyalty to BC and Clan Skyliner kept them in check. It was he who personally gave them their assignments and realms to dwell in.
These machines bore no emplacements or assault devices for causing havoc from within.
Only what hand-weapons they carried in self-defence protected them.
Any one of the DET squad knew relying on their hand-guns was a chancy business in these violent times. Their only true defence was in their light-weight and RB 2.6 300 bhp + engines. Some had the less powerful RB25 DET NEO too as GTR Skylines were in short supply.
Engine-proofing and exhaust baffles for a reduced noise signature were standard as they would gather intel, maps and occasionally resources for the faction.
They were to the untrained eye, a factionless force, masterless and free-for-hire.
They would be the clans eyes and ears, roving about and living among the other factions, sometimes openly as couriers-for-hire.
Only a subtle Japanese cipher and code-word would be their entry into and out of the base.

With a signal from him they turned and drove away; making their way out first in a careful convoy, then once off the side-road that led to the base they went their separate ways. Some north, most east and south, a few went west.

"Now we have our eyes opened." BC mused.

Off to one side of the base, watching them was a young lad, probably no older than sixteen with a girl who looked like his sister. Both were blonde and looked like refugee’s from one of the cities.
“Who are those two?” BC asked carefully.
“They came in with North Sea Tiger when he answered the summons.”
Picked them from pursuing crazie’s I think he said. I think they’re a bit touched in the head.”
“Assign them both to the guard-force. If they’re going to watch us in the corner they might as well make themselves useful.” BC nodded to himself.
With that He set about organising things further within.

Big Chief was of course a leader in his own right, but now he took on a more dynamic, active and hands-on role as the elected ruler of Clan/House Skyline.
The Faction was organised in a what they felt was a sensible and fair way. It wouldn't do to have a pure military 'top-down' pyramid, it wasn't BCs style, nor the faction as a whole.
He also knew it would be nonsense to have an anarchistic way of chaos and random action, he'd already seen how other factions had turned down that dark path.
Some middle ground was needed, a third way that would keep things balanced...

A New Way Forward

Over the next three weeks BC had come up with a way.
He would remain in charge as Clan Leader but operate on a laissez-faire ‘hands-off’ approach.
Jaffa Sky, Wardy, The Bruce, Wolf and Top Cat now led the faction via small sub-groups. Overall command was deferred to Big Chief as there was no doubt he was the leader.
They were in loose groups, not like a military force of smart-lines and rigid doctrine but with an easy, irregular, style. It wasn't their way for silly and strict rules and they operated better because of it.

Each sub-leader would command 19 of the other Skylines. This made 100 in 5 sections of 20. Each section was known as a ‘Manta’. With each 20 being given its indie-style nickname or designation.

Jaffa Sky – The Rebro’s
Wardy – The Warders
The Bruce – Claymore Crew
Wolf – Sabre Wolves
Top Cat – The Renegades

They would be the mainstay force of Clan Skyline. The Barracuda and Talon class would be mixed in at ratios of the generals choice.
Any raid, major defense or road war would be their calling.

A base leader known as ‘The Hesh’ commanded the Compound Crew and Guard Force.
The Guard Force was made up of the back-up Skylines; those that would be used for parts should a main-force Skyline suffer damage.
They would guard the HQ of Clan Skyline while they rested and slept. While they were not in the action of things they were usually the safest and more easy-going of the Clan. Most, but by no means all, were made up of the skyliners with families, wives and girlfriends. Conversely the Manta Sections typically were the opposite.

BC watched from his window overlooking the compound clearing, various lads in overalls, fatigues or just plain clothes went about their business.
The barter-system he’d envisioned was sort-of working, £ sterling was still in circulation but for how long no-one could tell.
His long-range radio transceiver now received a signal. He listened as the final DET Squad sent their report. Now he had intelligence on all five of the major factions of the land.
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It was time to call a gathering...

The Gathering Vote

At nightfall everyone was present.
Most of the Guard Force still guarded but listened in via the comms system installed into their harness.

"Our fuel is low and we number less than any other faction. But our technology and vehicle prowess is unmatched against our foes."

He announces the Skyliners cannot survive alone and must ally with with a rival faction.

He is no tyrant though and gives each skyline owner the choice of voting in a poll on what Car Faction we must join.
Whichever faction gains the most votes BC along with his able lieutenants will go to with the most powerful machines to make terms for an alliance...

While the Area Reps passionately argue the pro's and cons of each you glance down at the faction data slate below and go with what you feel is best...

The Scooby Doo's - Clan Sabaru!

Their numbers are the greatest and their abilities in rallying and tight spaces are great. A blight on the land and follow the way of the chav.
They lurk in the outskirts of cityscapes and built-up areas throughout Albiona. Control some spare parts supplies, food but zero in modification workshops. Some say their machines are limited and impossible to upgrade. Giving us some comfort.
They are hostile to Clan Skyliner and BC warns any delagation sent risks all-out war!

The Compact Crew- Clan Type R.

Small, nimble but lacking in any real power or clout in this dark future we live in.
They are likely to agree to an alliance but little benefit lies in their direction save in the food catches they have built up.
A sure-fire alliance is guarantee'd from these mice, but is that what we want?

The Rotary Reivers
- Clan RX!

The Rx7s and 8s have joined and have managed to control the North Sea-supplied refinery operations. They are the faction for fuel supplies but their prices are high, unless we manage to get allied to them that is...
Bountiful fuel but it takes more than fuel to survive...

The Super Dupers - The Supra clan.

A secretive and some say benevolent clan which rivals our own powers. Hardly seen in the cityscapes and usually in ones and twos along the motorways and A Roads. They are believed to be the masters of modification. Their secret workshops would be a boon for our Skyliner technician when working on our Skylines...
Technological wizardry comes with a price, and it could be high one.

The Wide Boys
- Clan MR2 -

Playboys, lounge lizards and party-animals. From their lands just north of the capital the apocalypse hardly has affected their cheery mind. Women, wine and song are like a drug to them and they have plenty of it!
For the MR2 Clan there is a party everyday and they offer morale-boosting R and R trips into their dens of deniquity for their allies.
They offer no other benefit as their spare parts are immense and they have food traded from the Survivo's. For now they seem a safe haven but for how long?
Is it best to lose ourself in mad pleasure while the darkness looms?

The Rovers
- Clan Defender.

A 4x4 clan that's well armed and equiped for trouble.
They lurk mostly north of the Watford Gap and in the blasted hills of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Slow, lumbering but geared up for the dark times. Few, if any of them can pursue the other clans yet they are a tough nut to crack and highly defensive.

Incredibly distrustfull of strangers. They are currently at war with the Clan Scooby and often raid their outskirts zones. For all their power they are clueless about the ways and intricacies of the Skyliner.
They are thought to know the secrets of alternate-fuel systems. Perhaps they could intergrate such systems with our own?

'Enough talk!' You hear BC boom.

'It's time for you all to choose!'

With each of the 5 factions carefully explained to the Skyliners they soon began to discuss and buzz to one another about the pro’s, cons and variables for allying with each.

{See Faction Thread:

Choose a Faction}

The Result

Although a few suspected we needed a direction, The Father knew the real way forward lay an alliance.
Like a 5-door chamber we all knew they took us into different directions. The question was which one should we choose.

The voting had been long and well into the night.
Most of the DET Squads had returned by now only four remained absent.
BC hoped that the vote wasn’t a close one, otherwise he might be forced to postpone the results.

The following morning there were still those who were unsure of which was the best faction.
But by the allotted hour of 12 noon all had voted and they all gathered again outside.
It was a tense few minutes before Moonshine and Jaffa-Sky had personally counted them all up again just to be sure before the results announced. They passed the results sheet to BC.
He was unfazed by the decision, a clear majority for...

“CLAN SUPRA is to be our ally!” Big Chief Boomed.

It wasn’t the best of faction choices for the others though, some argued and there was much grumbling from the ranks.
BC shook his head. The vote for Clan Supra had not been unanimous and he waited for his faction to reach an agreement amongst themselves.
At one point Plugman had the crowd on the verge of urging for a re-vote with the added choice for going at it alone and the devil with the consequences!
But despite this BC’s counter argument and wisdom saw through. There were too many who’d seen and heard of the Lancia Faction being utterly destroyed from not moving with the times. Who could say this fate did not await them also?
So, despite initial fears of a fracture and splinter-faction arising House Skyline remained intact and honoured the vote.
Plugman was angry though and he, along with an Essex Skyliner and some of his own Skyline brothers took off. He urged some to join him, only one did and none looked back as they went.
As he roared off out of Compound Skyline BC let the perimeter guards open the steel blast gate.
“They’ll be back, just let them calm down for a while.” BC said
“Are they part of this clan, or their own leader to talk and act like this BC?” Jaffa said in question, angry at Plugmans defiance.
“Everyone of us is free to come and go as they please Jaffa, you know that. If they don’t want to play by our rules they know where the exit roads are.” BC said throwing up his hands and walking away to the command garage.
Jaffa followed and he gestured for the three who would be acting as envoys for Clan Skyline.
You look and recognise one of them as Top Cat, he carried a pump-action shotgun as though it were a toy, with the other being ‘Silver Fox’; one of the oldest of the faction-men. In his 60s but driving one of the fastest Skylines in the land.
The other was a stranger.

The group nearby start talking and you turn to listen.

“We have the speed, agility and technological advantage with our GTR Barracuda’s and Talons. Yet I’m sure they have more advanced technology than even what’s under our bonnets. It’s even said they can install LPG for added range.” Chirped up an enthusiastic Smith-GT.
“You don’t understand Smith.” Lamented Mach. “Without an alliance to the 4x4 people we’re at a loss.”
“How so?”
“Clan defender though slower and not as clued up in our ways, would be able to provide an invaluable defence and their raiding skills are second to none. With our help they would be able to penetrate further away from their established bases. The fact they are already at war with clan Scooby and constantly raid them for their supplies with our help could help weaken the clan Scooby to a point where it would be in their best interests to join with us.”
“Listen to me.” Smith responded. “They use diesel, we use petrol. We can hit faster and harder and be long gone before a rival faction can muster a decent response. What you suggest is a campaign of static conquest and attrition. I don’t think that’s what BC or the House Skyline is all about. I’d also put money on the 4x4 lands being impossible for all but the DET Squad to navigate through easily.”
“Enough of this, the vote is made and the decision is final. Let’s be about our business!” Came a booming shout from Balloo; one of hulking Master Skyliners from north of the border.
He was a sub-commander and led BCs elite bodyguard of 12 men. There was no other talk after that.
As you all leave to go back to the days routine you hear the roar of three Skylines leaving the command garage.
It’s the envoys making their way past and on their way to Clan Supra...

To be Continued...

Original Source Location Here:
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are u bored.....???

i'm sure it is very interesting read and i will indeed give it the chance when i get a spare weekend. nice.
nice work mate.
repeated yourself abit in the second post though lol.

can't wait to see if the supras go for an alliance
eehhhhhhhhhhh!!!! not sure what all thats about :apoke: but okay
that is the sadest thing ive ever seen. you need to gget out more or a decent hobby
did you find this written on a toilet wall in ****?
Gotta give it to you bud its epic, keeps me amused while i'm at work board.
did you find this written on a toilet wall in ****?
I see you've found your muse, perhaps we can see what shakespearean stories you've got in that brain of yours ;)
Another one for the fckwit files :D
You aren't a Skyline Owner so it's no great loss :)
Someone needs to get laid!!lol.
Thanks, will look into that one but I got my oats courtesy of the missus last night so maybe later.

In fact if the stories are a-rollin' then I'm usually gettin' laid but thanks again for worrying about my sexual welfare. ;)
that is the sadest thing ive ever seen. you need to gget out more or a decent hobby
Already taken care of my negative-minded friend :)

Skylines, bikes, adventuring, writing, trekking, drinking, smoking, gaming.

Need I go on?
This is verry diff to the usuall crap you read that no-motoring related....i see some1 didnt loose their immagination whilst growing up, big up to you its an epic read especially when ur bored nice one

Dont mind the haters its just that they dont have a good immagination to appreciate
i'm sure it is very interesting read and i will indeed give it the chance when i get a spare weekend. nice.
Same here.. lol
Someone needs to get laid!!lol.
:rofl: :sorry:

Seriously, though, it's good stuff but I'm afraid bits of it read like it was google-translated. It's difficult to proof-read something you've written yourself, as you know in your head what it should say and that over-rides what it actually says.

I'll finish reading it at some point. :D
too much time on your hands buy a new project
nice to see a bit of imagination :)

I think it would work better in a comic book strip format rather than having to read a large chunk of writing. the comic strip pictures would also set the scene with the narrative merging into the background.

not bad though :)

Ok, diferent to the normal reading material on here
I felt it needed powerful dramatic music playing in the background
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