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Skyline Dyno results

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Hey guys was wondering what people thought of my dyno power curve etc?
im running hks airfilter and hks actuator running about 0.83bar boost hks super dragger exhaust decat and fmic unsure about ecu what u guys think??

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also looking through paper work today and saw MOT tester tested emmissions and to my suprise she passed her emissions test
what do u guys think of the curve does it look ok there is a dip mid rev range any ideas what would cause this??
Does it have a standard turbo still?

Do you have the printout of Boost and AFR?
standard turbo and thats all i have mate
no one any ideas then would u say it chipped??
Nice results there mate - How is the fuelling mate :)
it maybe chipped with that power but it would be good to see the AFR`s.

If it was a standard ECU it would have a big flat spot at 4800 unless the ignition timing was way to advanced!
what would happen if 2 advanced and how could i tell car runs well burbles on lift of with the odd pop
Have you physically looked at your ECU? Sometimes tuners like to put stickers on them. If it doesn't have any stickerage, it doesn't necessarily mean it's not chipped. The fact is that your torque curve is smooth and you wouldn't get that on the stock ecu with the mods you have. From one side I would say it looks good, you make good power early in the rev range but the dip is unusual. Watch out for det.
had a look at ecu chip has a sticker on it but nothing that makes any sence 2 me lol and as for the dip was wondering if anyone knows what may cause it dont have any det although i do get the odd hesitation now and again could that be the standard coil packs???
im going to have to say


or the fule pump

or the spark plugs need changing are not gapped to .8mm

or afm could be on its way out
whats the best way to work out which one it is without replacing them all???
What, the spark plugs? Jeez man, just replace them all, they're only £35 posted :)
no the rest lol plugs are only few months old
Lol ok :)
how do i work out if its the fuel pump afm or coil packs etc lol
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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