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Skyline GTS R33 2.5

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Just got my first skyline after wanting one for many years, i am changing the cam belt and water pump, also putting new shocks on the rear as you wouldnt beleive how bouncy it is.

The paper work i have with the car is next to nothing, does anyone have the owners manual on pdf for example, or know where i can find one?

Any other suggestion for what to do just to make sure its not going to go poop.

oyea leak in the boot which i thought was the seal but it doesnt appear to be, i think its coming from the lights so i am going to take them off and see what is what. out of interest though does anyone know where to seals from?

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re silicon the rear lights its usually the case and you can download a manual in this section its in a sticky above or in here
oh and welcome got any pics of the car and where do u live
Hi i live in the isle of man, its a r33 gts 2.5 rb25de, going to tackle the shocks one night this week and just ordered cam belt and water pump, they dont even need replacing just want to protect it, i have to say i cleaned it up today and from 1994 it doesnt half scrub up nice, the interior is near new, only things are the plastic on the drivers door around the switches, the plastic around the gear box and bit of the plastic face plate beside air con, apart from that i can fault it, anything else you guys can think of that i should probably do?

i will get some pictures up soon, cheers

Yeah ill tell you what I did

OIL and filter change
Spark plugs
Fuel filter change
Brake fluid change and new pads all round
Coil packs
Underseal it and wax oil it

Re commend you change the 02 sensor
check the manifold studs
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So i assume that you need to the middle light off in order to get the side ones out, it was too cold today to attempt much
Welcome mate, if you ever want to meet up with the North West owners keep an eye on the North West section :D

Link to some manuals
lol what type of oil - why does all have to be in symbolic language haha
if you still need a manual pm me your email addy and i will send one over
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