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Dont start PM'ing me first and foremost, i am just advertising this for a friend, any questions phone the number at the bottom please :)

Anyways, details are as follows:

1994 R33 Nissan Skyline GTS 2.5 Non-turbo Type-S. (Excellent condition and well looked after)

• Year: 1994
• Body type: two door coupe (with great rear leg room! :D)
• Colour: white (Nissan QM1)
• Engine: 2.5 litre straight six, non turbo.
• Performance: Standard book hp on the Type-S (highest spec non turbo) is just shy of 200hp.
• Mileage: 85,000 miles
• One registered owner (since UK import obviously)
• Drive train: RWD
• LSD: yes
• Transmission: Manual.

General info and modds:
• Tein HR shocks and springs all round - hence the lowness :)
• Nismo style Body Stripe
• Red painted cam covers
• Custom intake with HKS super flow filter
• HICAS (High Capacity Actively Controlled Suspension) intelligent rear wheel steering system
• Nissan type-S active exhaust system
• Climate control
• Apexi RMS G-meter
• Timing belt done at 79,000 miles
• 4 New tyres : Front- 225/50/16 Rears- 245/45/16
• MOT’d until 07/05/08
• Tax’d until 30/09/07
• Tinted rear windows (two quarter lights and rear screen)
• Carozerria rear shelf speakers (which light up and look wicked through the rear window by the way :p)
• JVC head unit receiver
• Momo steering wheel
• Clifford alarm

The story behind the car:
I bought the car around March 2005 with 127,000 klm (78,900 miles) at which point the timing belt was done.
The car is my second car, and does very few miles, so it now has just over 137,000 klm (85,100 miles)
Also, when the car was bought, the whole car was re-sprayed by me, as I'm in the trade, the car hadn’t been registered, and waiting for the forms etc to go through, I decided to brighten the car up and fit the nismo 400R style stripe. There was also a light running dent on the rear wheel arch which was really what started me down the route of re-spraying the rest while I was at it! Ha ha. Also the wheels were originally an off colour of white, so I painted them too, to match the exact colour of the car, adding a small “skyline” decal on each wheel. At this time I also done a few other small touches to the car which I thought really set the car off, such as painting each letter of the skyline badge on the rear white to match the car, which I haven’t seen done anywhere else. I also made and painted a new intake pipe which would bypass the resonating box and give the car a bit more of a note, and fitted a Super flow HKS air filter. The original air intake will also come with the car. When I first got it, I got the air intake and fuse box cover overlaid with carbon fibre, purely for looks, by Chris Gaw to tidy up the engine bay, also I painted the Cam covers and strut brace ends Red. The catalytic converter was stripped when I first bought the car, due to the year, it has never given any MOT problems, but gives quite a nice raspy sound when accelerating, although admittedly, as with any car when this is done, when you give the car a small rev, there is almost like a small rattle like note to the exhaust which a few people don’t like, although its hardly noticeable! The car runs like a Swiss watch so to speak, the only noise you really hear from it when ticking over is a slight whisper from the HKS filter.

As a result of the tein suspension, the car handles like no other car of this size, in the dry it will stick like glue and in the wet, its very forgiving if the rear end breaks away, which it will eventually do when you’re not expecting it. The only down side to these springs/shocks is they are a bit solid, and down a bumpy type of country road, you do get shaken around a little bit.
The car drives great and handles brilliantly too although there is a V slight “click” into fifth sometimes, although minor. Other than that the only things that don’t work in the car is that the buttons on the climate control don’t light up. The display itself does, and the entire unit works, just at night, it’s hard to see the buttons (a fairly minor inconvenience. Haha) and the CD player tends to refuse to eject CD’s.
The body work is brilliant on it, the only mark on the whole car is a small split on the passenger side skirt at the front wheel arch about an inch long. The roof was recently replayed due to a rather nasty stone chip on the very front edge which is just visible in one of the pictures, but as I said, this has been fixed. Also, the wheel arch had a few small bubbles showing up on the rear wheel arch, which all R33’s do eventually. This was also fixed, and fixed right. The car was also under sealed around 10 months to a year ago.
The interior of the car is simply spotless; I’d even go as far as to say the best I’ve seen of a standard Nissan interior.

The cars given me the least amount of trouble you could expect from a car, in fact, the only trouble it has given me is come last MOT, it failed on two front bushes which were replaced with genuine NISMO bushes from Middle Hurst. Other than that, the car has been great, never missed a beat. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a very particular person about my cars, and I’m never EVER harsh or hard on a car, I’ve never “sent the car round” because quite simply, I’m not into burning a set of tyres on driving round and round a cone, I have better things to do with my time and it makes me cringe to think what its doing to some poor Twin cams, Supras or Skylines. I’m honestly sad to see the car go, but unfortunately, I need the money at the moment, and my parents are complaining about using up too much room in the driveway. I would really like to see the car go to a good home.

Price: £3,900

Car is based in Bangor, N.I and please, no time wasters.

It really is a lot of car for the money, and truly is a fine example of what an R33 should look like, without silly body kits hanging off it. Lol I’ve tried to answer any queries about the car, but if there are any questions about the car you can PM me or phone my mobile 10am-10pm 7 days a week on 07773093404. If there’s anything I've forgotten ill post it up ASAP.

Oh, had a new fuel filter fitted bout a month ago, for no reason other than i had it sitting there lol. and theres new rear brake pads about a month ago too. :)
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