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Skyline R32 GRP lightweight doors

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GROUP BUY - Skyline R32 GRP lightweight doors

We now produce OEM GRP doors for Skyline R32.

All parts will be done according to our high quality standards and procedures so I can assure they will be perfect fit, very durable and you can use all OEM parts like hinges, locks, window glass etc. The technology of production is the same like for parts for R33 which have very positive feedback from customers.

PRICE PER SET : 420euros/360pounds sterling

PICS TO BE ADDED (see R33 doors for now - it`s the same just different shape)
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Guys... an update.

We sell these doors at above price from now on.
No grup buys needed
Great price, as I can see at the pics from the R33 doors it is also looking pretty nice. So what about the Quantity of 5. I am really interested but I need at least 1pair for my car. How much interests do you list actually? Is it enought to start with the doors?


Hi Thomas,

great to know thank you very much for the quick response, your doors and solutions offers me new awesome possibilities for the future. Just let me sort everything out, I need to get my Skyline back first next month, I'll come back to you asap.


1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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