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Hi all,

Im new to this so excuse me if i do somthing wrong Lol

So i started my project my car is skyline r33 gtst but gtr registered:naughty:

Ive done a wide body modification

My archs have now been modified by 100mm its f'in wide haha its all custom works current wheels are 9.5j et 37

I need an alternative to spacers not sure how to widen my tracks

Wheels that are perfect fit are 14j et0 very rare and bloody expensive.. just to see how it looks ive got custom 55mm spacers and its still not enough i dont like the idea of spacers iknow i can get wheels and spacers to fit and make it all work but no a fan of spacers

Wide body was done so i can run wide tyres anything from 285-325 so i dont want to use negative offset wheels and spacers to make it work..

Anywy i want to know how and what is needed to widen the track of my car so i can run 12-14j wheels with a low positive offset


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