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skyline snow fail fun

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it would have been a fail if slid into the gate post :nutkick:

luuuuuuuuuuuuucky :eek7:
na their wider than they look there,but still doable!
You are quite mad

I cant believe you went out in that thing on those roads


But then - I'm one of those softies that keeps mine in the garage over the winter aren't I?

I've already had several people calling me a girl this week

Whatever - the car's in one piece and it's staying that way for now

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did you try reversing it in ??
LOL that is what my roads like and its a hill as well!

Them wheels look awesome on your car btw.
LOL i was wondering what you were up to with all that run up LOL aiming for a 50mph run up and hope for the best!! :D it has to be said...

skyline + snow = FAIL

i know what its like i failed to get to the house on Monday :loser:
ive driven about 500 miles in the snow with the car and its a pure pig! great fun mind,I just towed it up the drive with a tractor after that!
I crashed mine in the snow fixed it and straight back out in it again lol too much fun!
well in total i had 4 shtyourpants moments 2 while overtaking real slow xxxxxxxxers and a few just driving along,quite possibly the most dangerous vehicle i have driven in the snow but still way too much fun to pussy out!
That's exactly what mine was like in the FLAT carpark at mine. 20min to dig myself out to get to work. Same again to get back in my spot when i got home. Totally useless in this weather :(
Reminds me of my driveway lol!! I need to drive mine to and from work atleast two times a week as my wife has started her studies again and uses the daily. The Skyline is scarily sideways when gets off the motorway. Think I need to get a third car lol!!!
in greece now again and i cannot even immagine snow,all i get to drive is stupid airport trucks and a corolla with the same fuel consumption as the above bandit
R33GTSTs are an accident waiting to happen in the snow. Even had to be careful in my GTR. The Stagea is by far the best in snow, but still needs respect.
god bless 4wd ...and all who ride in her!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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