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The money has been sent.
Steve, you have sent £57.00 GBP to CDFracing.
We have sent you a receipt for this transaction and an email has also been sent to your recipient. View transaction details

1) Stusy (paid)
2) Andy_S14a
3) chris 3para
4) SteveLine (paid)
5) Wile E Coyote (paid)
6) maccer
7) chills (paid)

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I don't mean to seem ignorant here but...

Do they fit the R34 GTT please?

I already asked and got no response.
If they fit i will have a set please.

Cheers from Neil.

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got your pm cheers wile,

I am in the process off making another sample up as the first one wasn't a good fit. Doing my best to get this done asap guys as i am off to the states next week and am really stacked out with work to be done before i go

If you need these in a hurry, at the moment i cant tell how long we will be so if you need a refund just email me on [email protected] and i'll sort it out

41 - 60 of 96 Posts
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