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Hello, dear members of Skyline forum!
Our "Xanavi" company working with multimedia equipment of Nissan and Infiniti cars and our the most popular service is the full multimedia adaptation (Conversion to English language, installing navi maps, configuring the radio etc), using original Nissan/Infiniti equipment. I think you have already seen at least one of our work.
You can read our feedbacks on eBay: Feedback Profile

Now we wanna offer you an adaptation and upgrade for Skyline v36 to 2010 multimedia (You can find on this forum our posts with our solutions for v36 from 2010 and v35). Multimedia like this installed in v36 2010+
This is the best way for saving original car interior and have a maximum performance and enjoy using your multimedia.
You can order version for using in US or EU and no matter for which domestic market made your car.
The kit based on genuine headunit named Nissan Connect Premium 08IT(X9). For proper fitting has been designed the harness adapter for plug and play installation.
That kit is the best way to get converted system with supporting factory functions and save original interior. All that you need regarding installation is take out the old device, connect a few plugs and mount new device. Besides conversion appears USB-input for playing audio files and movies.
System upgrade without losing any functionality! (buttons on the steering wheel, side and rear cameras and etc.)
The kit includes:
-Headunit (Clarion, genuine part)
-Harness adapter (aftermarket, designed specially for that car)
There are two firmware versions:
1. Australian
2. European
You will get:
-Menu in English (there are 8 additional languages of Europe at Europe firmware version)
-European radio range 87.5 to 108.0
-Maps by your choice (Europe, Australia, United States and Russia) with Birdview™ function and Voice guidance
-USB-input that allows you listen to music and watch video (DivX codec only)
-Bluetooth Handsfree and Bluetooth Audio
-Music Box (space on a HDD for music)
-Voice recognition in English
-Possible to connect additional devices such as digital TV-box, MirrorLink box and front view/around view cameras
-Maximum technical supporting
Compatible with all Nissan Skyline V36 2006-2009 1st series with Navi grade
Also it compatible with non-Navi grade at this case you should to buy the buttons set with Navi buttons!
How to buy:
1) Write us "SkylineV36Forum" in private messages on eBay and we will offer you 10% lower price
2) We can offer you 20% discount but if you buy it directly with PayPal paying, if you want to do this contact me via WhatsApp or e-mail
3) Also we are open for partnerships, if you are a car dealer or car service etc, for you we will offer a dealer price, please contact via WhatsApp or e-mail and write which cars do you deal
We will give you a 1 year guarantee and we will always be ready to provide you with technical support
WhatsApp: +37255562274
e-Mail: [email protected]
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