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skyline wanted

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Hi.I have started to look for a skyline gtst .I have set myself a budget of £3500.There are alot of cars for sale and i am looking for a bargain.Im in no rush and will wait for the right car.But saying that i would buy the right car tomorrow.I am based in newport s wales but would travel.thanks shaun.
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Welcome to the forum Willi...

Have a read of this.. A buyers guide...

Have a look in our for sale section also..

All the best.. Enjoy your stay.. :)

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cheers shane looked at the link. great info.That will help alot. cheers shaun.
money still waiting for a skyline.would also be interested in px my alfa gtv v6 worth a least £2400 + up to £2000 for the right car. thanks shaun.
There are some tasty ones on the for sale thread mate
Numpty nice car but would prefer less mods to keep the insurance down.thanks anyway.
I will check my insurance to see the prices .Im with adrian flux at the moment.Anyone better?
[email protected] on here mate :)
yep can agree with speedr33per.... aplan are the best when it comes to skyline insurance..

my car in for sale section with all its mods declaired as i did them and they never once put the insurance price up..

does a drift/track spec r33 sound like what your after?
I have my one for sale...check it out on the for sale section...engine standard :)
Nice car mate but im really after something more standard within my budget thanks for the post.Good luck with your sale.
click on the link in my signature, car needs paint but engine pretty much untouched and looks like a GTR with genuine nissan parts
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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