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Right guys, been talking to keith about this and have come up with the idea of holding a 2 day event @Llandow in the summer.

The idea being on the first day the track will be open to drifters and the second day will be for track drivers, with trophies up for grabs for both days.

With it being summer we will be able to make full use of the camping site (there is hotels down the road for our softer members lol) so we can have some BBQ's, a few beers etc in the evening.:dunce:

We will also be able to do show and shine, traders as usual etc

We might even be able to have the Karting centre open as well for us to use.

I'm just waiting for Llandow to come back to me on which weekends are available, but it should be a mid July weekend.
It could be a Fri/Sat or a Sat/Sun.

So what do you lot think.:feedback:
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What I think?

Simple...............that's f***ing awesome and I so wanna join!!! :(
sounds good to me
i wanna start coming to meets and seeing all these cars for real
where is Llandow?
South Wales, near Cardiff.
Count me and the rest of my family in it will be a great weekend, weather permitting we are talking about Wales after all.
Id be up for this cashflow depending, I can't wait to try the track and watch the drifting.

Ive already got a tent which is a bonus lol.
oh yes,i wouldnt miss this!
Sounds good, only 20 mins up the road for me.

Happy days
Sound perfect! should have the beast back on the road by then,
Track action + driftng = heaven! :)
Good stuff Brucie.
I'd bloody love to do this but, with spots booked for the parade thing and euro road trip, funds are a little tight and it'l be pricey enough for boat tickets that time of year i think.
I'm up for this and some track time :D A Sat and Sun would be best for me
looks like a nice event!!!

got a sticker of llandow on my car.. but no idea where it is hahah:D
im in, not far from me. might even take it on the track. sat/sun would be best i think
count me in :bigthumb:
Hell yeah... Def up for that.
(Sat/Sun best for me.)


Chris ~:)
Maybe, maybe not. I'll be strapped for cash at the rate all these funky skyline meets, days and tours are taking place :D
Perfect, Ferry to hollyhead and den a short drive!!

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