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We are getting prepared to defend our BDC team/Constructors Championship title this year which starts on 21st and 22nd of April at Donnington park, we have 9 Drivers all of a brilliant standard and ready for action to take as many points for or "YOU GUYS" SO WE NEED SUPPORT YOUR SUPPORT at the 6 rounds of BDC drift action, your Area Rep will be posting all updates and venues to follow us and if we can we will sort out some drift passenger rides for you guys.

The Members competing are

Skylineowners Drift Team 1

bigchief....Simon Perry....Bizz aka Ian Philips TEAM WINNERS LAST YEAR!!!!

Skylineowners Drift Team 2

Gary Hughes aka drifter32...Damo RSP....Jody Fletcher...

Skylineowners Drift Team 3

John Pinder...Adam Day...Richard McCourt aka juddster

So guys come on and show your support, and help us win the title for the second year running.

We will have a club stand at every event and try to arrange half price tickets to you who support us, its a fantastic event with family oriented traditions, we usually have a club Barb-e-que so come along and be a part of this fantastic community..

ill add some pictures of the drivers and events as we go along.

so who's in????????


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all the best this year guys and will catch yous all at knockhill again although there will be no curry due to a complaint from keith lol but there will be something in its place,maybe haggis and neeps if i can catch the buggers?

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august i think davy i checked it the other day but mind like a pea just now lol

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me me me i think alot to do pic will follow when we can hope to see every 1 there this please come and support us people the more cheers we get the more i can show off or ill get in trouble as normal but if your there cheering ill get away with it

may the force be with us
we will need with the old timer in it :dogpile::dogpile::dogpile::dogpile:

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I'll be there as usual with quite a few from the NE. Cannot wait to shake my pom poms for you Keith :)

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Car specs and a few pics

RB25 NEO rebuilt ACL bearings ect
Steel gaskets
Japspeed top mount maifold heat wrapped
Garrett GT3078r hybrid turbo
Greddy 50mm waste gate
Nismo 770 injectors
Splitfire coilpacks
Custom GTR IC
Custom hard pipes
Over size alloy rad
Secondary electric fans
ARC catch tank
Custom down pipe and exhaust,heat wrapped
Iridium plugs
10/60 castrol edge

HKS F CON V_PRO series 3.3 and sensor
Gizzmo boost controller
Fully mapped by Greg at PRO TUNER

Nismo 770 injectors
walbro 280ltr lift pump
2 ltr swirl pot
Fuel regulator
044 bosch main fuel pump

Quarter master tripple plate race clutch
Custom prop
R33 GTST gearbox rebuilt
Shimmed GTR diff
Balanced and lightened fly wheel

Diayamia coilovers
Driftworks hicas lock out bar
Fully adjustable rear camber arms ect
GTR alloy carriers
Subframe locking collers
Tien rods
Japspeed ends
Tien tension rods
Lower arms modifield
Garage D extra lock

ABS removed
GTR rear calipers
GTR front calipers
5.1 brake fluid
Ugraded pads front and rear

FIA monaco seats
Six point custom cage with door bars
Full alloy fire wall (rear)
Blitz steering wheel
Fire system
Power cut off
Steel handled hydro
Fully stripped

Power and electric cut off pulls
Resprayed in factory colour
Uras type 2 body kit
Nismo carbon fibre bonnet
Alloy bonnet catches
Headlight eyebrows
Pro drive P7 alloys 18x9.5
rota tourques 18x9.5

Thats about all i can think of at the mo


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I'm in! cant wait tbh! :D
Ben (my 7 yr old) keeps asking me when he can go see keiths good friend pinky though!
should i be concerned??? :rofl:

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Hi all

I am proud to be driving in the skyline owners team this season
I hope i can do the team proud as all the other drivers do also.

Been drifting at practice days for 3yr now

After having 12 months out due to car and engine troubles, but the bug was always with me

so after getting the car back up and running and lots of practice to get me to a standard where i can compete here i am.

The car will be running a stock engine for now but like with all drift cars this will be under development throught the season.

Looking forward to round one and looking forward to meeting you all at donnington for all your support will be a massive event and fun for all.



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