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SkylineOwners European Challenge - Official thread

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Ladies and gents, SkylineOwners is proud to announce the details of our very first 'European Challenge'!

The concept is simple - Buy a roadworthy car for £500 or less, drive across Europe to the Nurburgring, complete at least one lap & return home. All this for as little amount of cash as possible ;)

We will camp as opposed to stay in hotels, we will search for the cheapest ferry deals possible, we will take our own supplies and we will carry out our own running repairs as and when required! There will be points awarded and deducted for the various achievements/failures that we encounter on the way with one lucky team being crowned the overall champions!

As always your Area Rep will be the first point of contact for coordinating teams from their respective areas and distributing sticker packs prior to the event.

Please read the following announcement for full rules :)

European Trip Rules said:
SkylineOwners Nurburgring Challenge Rules.

The SkylineOwners Nurburgring challenge will run as a team or individual based event which entails a vehicle journey from the UK to the Nurburgring Nordschliefe in Germany.

The competition element will run on a points based system with points either awarded or deducted in accordance with the following rules:


Thursday PM - Meet @ South Mimms Services prior to onward travel to Dover.
Thursday PM - Ferry, Dover to Calais.
Friday - Main journey to Adenau.
Friday PM - Camp.
Saturday - Ring Laps.
Saturday PM - Camp & Barbecue.
Sunday - Return trip, final group photos at Dover prior to individual dispersal.


- Tent
- Sleeping bags
- Toiletries
- Food
- Water
- Torch w/batteries
- Inclement weather clothing
- Tools
- Auxiliary belts specific to vehicle type
- Car jack
- Spare vehicle fluids
- Block sealer
- Assorted jubilee clips
- Plumbers leak tape
- Magic putty
- Tyre Weld
- Compressor/Foot pump
- Zip Ties
- Cordless drill inc. bits
- First aid kit
- Spare vehicle bulbs
- European breakdown compliant kit (triangle, Hi-Viz vest etc.)
- European headlight beam adjuster stickers
- Spare fuses
- Passport (duh)
- Vehicle documents, especially insurance
- Gaffer tape
- Tow rope
- Fuel can (empty for transport)
- European breakdown cover
- European Health Insurance Card

* Note: It is strongly suggested that prior to taking part in this event you perform a full service on your vehicle paying particular attention to brakes, fluids and features relating to safety.


1. All vehicles taking part in the event must have a purchase price of no more than £500, this must be proven by means of a receipt.

1.1 Any persons using a vehicle already owned prior to the event shall have their points adjusted accordingly.

2. All vehicles must be roadworthy, road legal (Tax, MOT etc.) and insured at all times in a manner complying with the UK Road Traffic Act and/or laws of the relevant geographical area.

3. All local laws, statutes and instructions must be adhered to at all times.

3.1 Any fines/penalties incurred during the event must be settled by the participant(s) involved in the incident in question.

4. Hotel accommodation for the duration of the event is strictly prohibited unless exceptional circumstances (at the discretion of the organisers) exist.

5. The organisers reserve the right to refuse participation if they deem the entrant's vehicle to be outwith the spirit of the event. This can mean bringing your Skyline or such and just accepting the penalty or similar.


The points scoring system for this event will be administered in the following way with scoring and points allocation remaining fluid as situations dictate, always with the decision of the organisers being final. The event shall be won by accruing the most points during the event.

- Each team will start with 1000 points, 1 point will be deducted for every pound spent on the vehicle. If the vehicle was already owned prior to the event then then full deduction of 500 points will be made with a bonus 50 point deduction for missing out on the fun of car hunting!
- Any mechanical malfunction requiring the engine compartment to be opened will result in the deduction of 50 points.
- Any mechanical malfunction requiring the assistance of a professional mechanic (who isn't an entrant) will be subject to a 75 point deduction.
- Any damage to the vehicle prior to arriving at the Nurburgring shall be subject to a 50 point deduction.
- A loss of direction causing other members of the event to deviate off course to find you will result in a 100 point deduction.
- Failure to display a Union Flag on your car will result in a 50 point deduction.
- Crashing on the Nurburgring will result in a deduction of 250 points.
- Failure to bring the vehicle back with you to the UK for whatever reason is a 1000 point deduction.
- Failure to display correct stickers (to be notified) on vehicle is a 150 point deduction.

Bonus points can be gained by completing optional challenges that you will notified of on the ferry across ;)

Please note the following carefully:, although acting as the organisers of this event, will not be held responsible for ANY costs incurred as a result of your participation in this event. will not be held responsible for any loss/injury/damage or other negative event or situation that may happen to you as a result of you taking part in this event, you do so of your own free will whilst accepting any and all risks that you may be exposed to through your participation. At all times during this event, must insist that you drive and behave both legally and with the utmost care and consideration for yourselves, your passengers and any 3rd party that you may encounter during this event. By participating in this event you are explicitly and wholly agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

TEAMS SO FAR (regularly updated)

1. GB - Team Admin 1
2. Bigchief - Team Admin 2
3. Lenny - Team Admin 2
4. Sparkyr33 and mate Dave confirmed. Waiting conformation of others - Team Dukes of Fenland
5. Damo - Team Admin 2
6. GazJones - Team Admin 1
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hmmmmmm may just enter this. Just picked up a Primera GT 2.0 for £400
Used to have a primera gt! Took it to spain 3times, driving through France and down the coast of Spain to Alicante. Nice cars! Reasonably quick & that engine you can boost quite a bit... Great price to pay also dave ;)
I had an e gt! Ended up 197 bhp.
Great cars!
Mine would go right off the clocks and hit the stopper lol.
the clocks were 150!!
Used to have a primera gt! Took it to spain 3times, driving through France and down the coast of Spain to Alicante. Nice cars! Reasonably quick & that engine you can boost quite a bit... Great price to pay also dave ;)
its ideal for the ring trip, 4 adults, comfy, big boot. cant wait!!
we are nearly ready, just a few adaptions taking place with my disc cutter lol:)
What have you got then Kieth :D
just wondering the possibilty of ferrying over from the N/E England and hooking up with you guys in amsterdamn?? Netherlands somewhere??
I'm 100 percent only going over fri morning so if that works I'm happy to meet :)
Do we need to book our ferry soon?
I would! I'm speaking to my team tomorrow for a summit meeting!
Bump for this guys!! I'm so gonna make this next year
I've taken the liberty of translating some phrases that we might find useful on the trip, I suggest printing them out and popping them in your wallet:

- Wenn das Auto teuer war, konnte ich eine Scheiße geben
- If the car was expensive, I might give a ****

- Die britische Botschaft hat ein Recht, über meine Situation informiert zu werden
- The british embassy has a right to be informed of my situation

- es ist nicht mein Auto und ich weiß nicht, warum es auf Feuer ist
- it is not my car and i do not know why it is on fire

- sie war tot, als ich hier erhielt
- she was dead when I got here

- von gut ist es zugelassen, wo ich komme
- well it is legal where i come from
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Pmsl.... I'm gonna get a sticker made saying hows my driving with embassy's phone number!
I'm going... Are we ready... No! Lol
We have a car.
It starts,
It moves,
It stops,
(all of these are debatable things though)

Looking forward to it.
my team mates are dropping the car off at mine later for a few tweeks :)
coming along nicely. :)
Just checked ferry prices for those dates, £49 return for a car carrying 4 adults - Bargain :)
where did you get tat price ? from what port ?
where did you get tat price ? from what port ?
Sparky found it even cheaper mate, about £40 if I recall. It's from Dover - Calais :cheers:

You coming?
Guys it now looks like the 6am ferry is fully booked through dfds seaways.
There's a 515 and a 730.
Can someone make a decision as to what ferry we booking and I will book it
Please pm me for my mob number
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