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Slight leak....

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hi guys just a little question,

The bolt at the bottom i have a leak from there, do i need the sensor in there or should i put the one back in that came witht he radiator?......i didnt get a rubber washer or anything is that what i need or shall i just go a little tighter?
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It's the temp sensor insert for the air con fan Andre, if your old rad had one put that back in, I had to use a copper washer to seal mine as it didn't seat well, if you didn't have one before then use the plug it came with, I'd use a washer rather than try and over tighten it mate.

It only kicks in if things get too hot so it's not a matter of life or death in this country.
The sensor that is in it now is from the old radiator, i got a bolt in the new one thats why i thoughts id better swap them over as i dint know what the sensor was for.

do i really need the sensor so should i put the bolt in that the radiator came with? i dont use the air con anyway.
Ah right, sorry couldn't quite see if there were any wires coming off it (should have gone to specsavers ;))

Your air con will still work, the fan just gives extra cooling if things reach melt down limits, it's up to you then mate, you'll have to take it off anyway if it's leaking, personally I'd do what I did (see how consistent I am), put a copper washer on the sensor as it would seem they don't quite seat well with these rads, not a major fault, couple of pence and it's sorted.
Andre just put some ptfe tape round the sensor and fit it to the new rad give me a bell if you need some
Andre just put some ptfe tape round the sensor and fit it to the new rad give me a bell if you need some
That won't work mate, the problem isn't with the thread itself, it's either not threaded deep enough or there is some obstruction in the rad that prevents the sensor going in far enough, you need the copper washer to space out the very slight gap.
fair enough, it must be different to mine as I had no clearance issues with the sensor, it just leaked
ill get the sensor off and see what i can get on it, ive found a couple of rubber washers but i may be able to get some copper one's from work.

ill let you know how i get on.
As above if you are blocking this off we reccomend a copper washer on the bolt and a bit of ptfe on the threads to seal it and this will be fine for you :bigthumb:
Boo hoo ive got to drain it again now, ill do it at the weekend....ive got a cake tin under the car catching the coolant now lol.
:bigthumb:Sorted now i think....PTFE tape and another washer.
:bigthumb:Sorted now i think....PTFE tape and another washer.
Glad its all sorted for you :)
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