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I can't get it out of my head that I'd like some new rims. Trust me I'm fighting it ! I've seen some GTR rims on Ebay, very nice, and 17" instead of 18" and the width was 9". The recommended tyre size was 235. It got me thinking that I'm running 265 on a 9" rim !
I just called a local tyre centre to me which just fitted my Goodyear F1's (been using them for ages) just to check what the max recommended tyre width was for a 9" rim and they basically were horrified when I suggested 265 on a 9" because its stretches the tyre too much ! I'm now pretty worried since they fitted them and had no complaints, neither did Micheldever when they did them first time around. So is this now dangerous, bear in mind I've been ringing with these tyres for at least 2 years and never had a problem ? Looking at the table below that I found suggests you can run a 265 on a 9" but I dont know if thats a safe maximum. I'm pretty worried about the tyre place reaction !

Rim width Minimum tyre width Ideal tyre width Maximum tyre width
5 .0 inches 155 mm 165 ou 175 mm 185 mm
5.5 inches 165 mm 175 ou 185 mm 195 mm
6.0 inches 175 mm 185 ou 195 mm 205 mm
6.5 inches 185 mm 195 ou 205 mm 215 mm
7.0 inches 195 mm 205 ou 215 mm 225 mm
7.5 inches 205 mm 215 ou 225 mm 235 mm
8.0 inches 215 mm 225 ou 235 mm 245 mm
8.5 inches 225 mm 235 ou 245 mm 255 mm
9,0 inches 235 mm 245 ou 255 mm 265 mm
9.5 inches 245 mm 255 ou 265 mm 275 mm
10.0 inches 255 mm 265 or 275 mm 285 mm
10.5 inches 265 mm 275 or 285 mm 295 mm
11.0 inches 275 mm 285 or 295 mm 305 mm
11.5 inches 285 mm 295 or 305 mm 315 mm
12.0 inches 295 mm 305 or 315 mm 325 mm
12.5 inches 305 mm 315 or 325 mm 335 mm

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I've got ROTA GTR's on mine and they're 9.5 all round!!

I've got 235 tyres on them which is actually lower than the minimum you have noted there in your post and this is the first time I've actually read something related to it lol!
They actually seem quite stretched around the wheel which is a shame. I'm running on quite low coilovers and they're very very VERY hard ride (ie: no play on the back and little on the front too). the previous owner wanted a drift setup car and it certainly is that but I'm old n knackered an want a comfier car so am working on getting it back to a better quality ride.

I've also been told the offset on my wheels is too much so my car wont work as well - if I try to change my suspension I'll get scrubbing off the arch, or if I get new camber arms I'll have a similar issue if I try to adjust the camber once they're on.

My plan is to fit new suspension (comfier if possible) and camber arms then have the car raised about 20mm on the suspension and the camber adjusted so the car runs on the flat of the tyre a bit more. I know I'll suffer in the corners a bit but I can live with that. however I still dont know if I'm gonna have issues with the tyres scrubbing somewhere on the suspension :(

I may have to have my arches rolled too to have it all sorted but tbh I'm a complete loss with to what to do - it just seems that I may have to swap them out at some point but I just think they're gorgeous and dont want to have to sacrifice that. It may be that I need the arch flaring a touch to make room.
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