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Hi Folks,

Any of you got any suggestions on the following:

Re R33 GTS-T
after I have been driving 'relatively quickly' for about 10-20miles, then slow down at a roundabout or traffic lights a noxious smell what can only be described as 'gassy' is drawn into the cabin. This happens both when the aircon is on or off, and also you can smell it around the engine bay, and even throught the windows if open.

Asked my local garage and they struggled to suggest anything, and had not heard of it before. Just wondered if anyone else has seen or smelt the same problem and how it was fixed.

Any suggestions, gratefully received. No bad jokes re curry or mushy peas please.



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A hole in the exhaust or your exhaust might not be all the way out the back of your bumper and drawing it back into the cabin this might be considered dangerous if that is what the problem is.

Have you checked your exhaust for leaks ?

Additionally / Injector Plelum Gasket ? or other seating problem in the engine bay.

I think i know what smell you`re on about. Smells nothing like exhaust gasses at all. My womans old Daihatsu Charade thing used to smell awful sometimes when it`d been run for a while. Like something had crawled up in the engine bay & died & was getting warmed up every now & then.
Never did find out what it was though.
Hope this helps.
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