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to rich, lisa, baby(soz forgotten his name :(), damo and boyz.

just wanted to say thanks for rebuilding my engine after cough cough i blew it, next time i will remember to put oil in it!!!

dads says hi and thanks too, hes toying with selling his merc 200 slk now and getting the new GTR when it eventually is on sale. he loves them as much as me now and is always reading my mags which feature the best car in the world.

fuse still keeps blowing on the greddy boost controller unit, so obviously theres too much going through the fuse which i know youll sort 4 me.
i dont mind at the mo cause im only taken her out at weekends and fuses r cheap ;) lol

see ya soon and again thanx for all the help and chats.
phil and roger(dad)
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