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Hi ladies and gents,

First of all an apology as this is my first post, and to any admins or moderators I hope you are ok with the following advertisement.

I’ll introduce myself! My name’s Chris from Cornwall and I drive a Civic Type R EK9 and I have a dream!!

This really applies to any members from the Cornwall and Devon region but any other members are more than welcome!

I have set up a website and forum for owners of modified Japanese cars with the intention of having big Jap meets as I believe the South-West has a good following of ‘JDM’ enthusiasts, I’m trying to edge away from the whole ‘multi-storey boy racer’ scene and organise some good, responsible meets with to some extent, police cooperation. I’m sure most of us would enjoy meeting up with fellow owners and having a Sunday drive somewhere without the usual idiots ruining it for the rest of us? However this is not to say all Jap car owners are perfect but from experience the majority generally look after their cars and drive responsibly.

Anyway, I’d love to see as many of you guys and gals signed up as possible, let’s put Cornwall back on the map!!

The site has only been released live today!! So at the moment it will be empty but lets get it going!!

Many Thanks for your time and support
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