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Spa-Francorchamps Mon 6th June

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Well guys as I'm not doing a nurburgring trip this year I still wanted to do something a bit different so with the help of our Belgium/Netherlands Rep Japandi he's managed to secure an offer.

We can join the MG owners club uk for a day at SPA on June the 6th, for 150 Euro's for 1 car with 2 passengers or 90 Euro's for a car and 1 passenger you can have 80+ mins of track time (1x30 min morning session followed by 2x 25/30 min afternoon sessions) + lunch and a race licence plate to say you've been round the circuit.

Places are very limited and first come first serve

Now me and my passenger Tim will be in Amsterdam on the sunday for a party and anyones welcome to join in, were then head down to SPA in the morning and then trying to decide whether to stay by SPA in a hotel for a few drinks or pop back to Amsterdam to return home Tues morning.

So who's up for it?
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Good lad!!
I can't wait!!
I would of thought if we pay it's non refundable

1) Bruce-m
2) Carfiend
3) AndyR43
4) Japandi

Think we can get anymore of the belgium/netherlands/german guy's involved?
Just do it, you wont regret it, will probably regret it if you don't.

There's always more we want to do to our cars, and if I never went on track because I felt it wasn't finished i'd never go on track.
90 Euro for one or 150 Euro's for two + Ferry and accommodation, Andy is coming over the night before
Rolf is fine lisa
List is looking great
Good lad!!

are you going to come over sunday to Join me and Andy in Amsterdam or just meet up Mon morning at the circuit?

Also whats everyones thoughts on returning, shall we stay a night near the circuit and cruise back tues morning?
Top bloke
He's to scared to take his car out the country
He's no lower than mine or alot of the guys that often come to the Ring, they normally put us on the lorry deck.
It would seem so, I'm also thinking on coming back tues morning rather than having a real late Monday or rush
As tigger says ^^^
I'd go with norfolkline guys, i'm already going to be out there
I've paid as confirmed, I can't wait.
You've put R32 GTR + R33 GTR but ones a R33 GTST?
Fair enough. Lol
1 - 20 of 118 Posts
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