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Spa-Francorchamps Mon 6th June

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Well guys as I'm not doing a nurburgring trip this year I still wanted to do something a bit different so with the help of our Belgium/Netherlands Rep Japandi he's managed to secure an offer.

We can join the MG owners club uk for a day at SPA on June the 6th, for 150 Euro's for 1 car with 2 passengers or 90 Euro's for a car and 1 passenger you can have 80+ mins of track time (1x30 min morning session followed by 2x 25/30 min afternoon sessions) + lunch and a race licence plate to say you've been round the circuit.

Places are very limited and first come first serve

Now me and my passenger Tim will be in Amsterdam on the sunday for a party and anyones welcome to join in, were then head down to SPA in the morning and then trying to decide whether to stay by SPA in a hotel for a few drinks or pop back to Amsterdam to return home Tues morning.

So who's up for it?
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It would seem so, I'm also thinking on coming back tues morning rather than having a real late Monday or rush
i'l see if i can ge the tues morning off aswell then!
do you know a rough idea of costs bruce?hotels,ferry?im guessing it will need 6+ tanks of fuel..
we are gonna go sun and back tues prob. ferry bout £70 and cheap bnb bout 50euro altho still looking :)
As tigger says ^^^
Right booked the week off so what ferry are we getting. Please not P&O I swore in blood to not use them again after bernding me over the last time I used them.
I'd go with norfolkline guys, i'm already going to be out there
Best give me the addr of the party then so I can get myself organise ;)
It's looking good here.

Called the guy in charge of the organization yesterday and i'm going to get the invites tomorrow by mail. He confirmed me that he will hire the 3 sessions of 30 minutes just for us aswell as a seperate parking. This because the mg club is using the track aswell.

A bit of info about 7th and 8th of june on the spa circuit:
on the 7th Nissan Belgium is giving all there garages and customers with the GTR 35 the possibility to go on track.
On the 8th there is track day for the garages that sell sportive cars. We were invited aswell but the price was a bit high.

I also got a pm from Tom that he is 100% coming with his R34 GTR and he is bringing his wife and the guy from HKS europe. He wants to take a spin in his 34 on the circuit.

these will be methods of payment

paypall: [email protected]
be sure to send it as a gift.

international bank transfer:
Bank: Argenta
Iban number: BE87 9793 2946 9494
BIC number: ARSP BE 22

Add the following info
passenger or not

The list will be added with paid when payment is done.
You will receive the official invite. It's best to bring it along
Wait for payments until the 31st of march when the payment methods are confirmed.

Thanks and hope to see you all in Spa.

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Just pm'ed the form that needs to be filled out. Please fill out this form and pm it back to me please.

Payment methods have been PM'ed to all the participants.

I received an email in some language. Does this mean I have to pay now or what?
No, it's just the confirmation, probably in dutch. I've registered everyone who has pm'ed me the info list.

Payment has to be done between the 4th of april and the 9th of april.
Dude, has Lisa let you know I'm paying tonight.
I've paid as confirmed, I can't wait.
I have sent payment :)

we are going to go straight to spa the day before and stay after the track day for that night as well :)
Dude, has Lisa let you know I'm paying tonight.
Lisa told me bud take your time.
This is the list so far

1) Bruce-m + Tim (R33 GTS-T)
2) Carfiend (R34 GTT)
3) AndyR43 (R33 GTR)
4) Japandi + Saru (R33 GTS-T)
5) Peter De Beus (R32 GTR)
6) Tom Van Dijck + 2 (R34 GTR)
7) NIZ406 (R33 GTS-T)
8) Tigger + Ross (R33 GTR/Golf)
9) Pro import (R32 GTR + 700 HP)
10) Pro Import (R33 GTR + 700 HP)

Just heared that the Pro import cars won the dutch streetpower time attack on the TT track in Assen yesterday.

Here are the cars

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You've put R32 GTR + R33 GTR but ones a R33 GTST?
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