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At a guess £500

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All booked.

Fuel wise it is 345km to Spa from Calais so about 215 miles. I get about 300 miles to a full tank on motorways so that is a tank in the UK, a tank there, one on the day andtank back. Each tank is about £70 so about £250 for fuel.

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For the people who wants to meet up on the 4th of june.
We can do some karting in Antwerp and see the night life in Antwerp if you know what I mean :40oz::spank::devil::apuke::funny::bigthumb::cuddle::ylsuper::whip::alco::moony::naughty::cheers:

An update of the program:

Meeting point is at the entrance of Spa between 08.00h - 8.30h.
Short Briefing starts at 8.45h
From 09.00h - 12.00h first sessions
lunch from 12.00h - 13.00h
from 13.00h - 18.00h second and thirth sessions

Just a few weeks left before all hell breaks loose. May the force be with you all.

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the event is approaching fast. Attached You'll find some practical and safety information.
On arrival You should check in at the trackday check-in at the racetrack. On approaching
Francorchamps You should follow the signs towards the racetrack. Further on You should follow the signs “Offices” & “Paddock”. See the map below: entrance “STER”. There You'll receive a programme, Your access badge and some more information.


Track Day – Francorchamps
Safety & practical information
Participants are divided in groups of similar car/power to prevent to much
speed differences. Each group has a different colourcoded sticker on the
While one group is on the track the next group should prepare themselves in
the pit-lane. Please drive, slowly, onto the pit-lane when asked.
Each session will start behind a pace car. Overtaking of the pace car is not
allowed ! At the end of each session a red signal will be shown and the pace
car will guide You to the pit-lane.
Safety on track:
beware and act accordingly when the following flags are shown:
Yellow Flag: danger ! Slow down, no overtaking !
Red Flag: End of session !
Blue Flag: faster car behind: allow him to overtake.
Black Flag: car too noisy: leave the track immediately !
For Your Own Safety:
• Car should never exceed 103 db(A)
• Helmet is obligatory !
• Tyre pressure should be 500 gr higher than normal.
• Brakes have to be in excellent condition.
• Oillevel has to be high.
• Fuel-tank should be full. There is a petrol-station on the track. However it
only works with credit/debit cards. Bring along Your PIN-code !

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Is there 99 or 100 nearby?
81 - 100 of 118 Posts
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