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As one of your official forum sponsors we are pleased to bring you information and offers on all Motorsport seats and harnesses, race-wear and racing equipment. We have the full range of Sparco seats in-store for testing and on the shelf ready to go.

Sparco seats at the ready!

We've seen a huge surge in the last few months with Sparco seats flying off the shelf.
With their popularity as great as ever we thought a photo from our in-store display wouldn't go a miss!

Click for full Sparco listings: Sparco Seats - Road, Racing, Motorsport - GSM Sport Seats

We have their full range in-store for testing including the Sparco Pro 2000, Pro 2000 II, Evo, Evo II, Evo III, Sprint, F2000, Circuit and many more!

Want to sit in them and see which is best for your requirements and specification? Then contact us and we'll book you in for an appointment and ensure your sat in the right seat for your requirements and specifications.

Are Sparco seats right for you?
Sparco seats come in a range of shapes and sizes. We have smaller seats from the Sparco Sprint starting at just £160.00 per seat made for smaller people and smaller vehicles through to the Sparco Evo III which is a short but wider seat for those a little wider on the hips! Sparco will have a seat right for you.

Harness specification

There's a full range of FIA harnesses available from Sparco if you want to keep the brand matching. Or we can mix and match with various brands including TRS and LUKE. Contact us for your exact package price.

Further BritishRally discount
We can deliver any 2 Sparco seats free of charge and if you buy them with harnesses we'll send one harness at 1/2 price!

Contact us
To take advantage of our deal contact us via:
The Forum PM system
Phone: 01159893488
Email: [email protected]
Were a family run company based in the Midlands and pride our self on putting your safety first. We'll ensure to provide you with high levels of service and only quality products. We look forward to getting you the right products!

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