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Trust/Greddy GTR Step1 Tune 33/34 GTR

Iridium plugs x6, Induction Kit, Cat back exhaust system, 1 bar or boost. £891.34 fitted. Optional Downpipe £334.88, Catpipe £65

Trust/Greeddy GTS Step1 Tube 33/34 GTS

Iridium plugs x6, Induction Kit, Cat back exhaust system. £777.83 fitted. Optional Downpipe £174.29, Catpipe £65

Trust/Dowmax Lowering springs. Most models £398.29 Fitted

Greddy profec-b Boost controler £450 fitted Optional remote boost switch £112

Exeddy Clutch Kits, All Kits include a Plate, Cover and Release bearing

R33 GTS £570 Fitted Add £70 for a sports Paddle version
R33 GTR £732 Fitted This is the Sports paddle Version

Many other Models available just mail me.

Trust 3 row front monted intercooler £1169.13 Fitted Optional Hardpipe Kit £434.75

If your intrested in any of the above please Mail me. Also mail me if your model is not listed above.

Air conditioning servicing also also available!

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You got prices for the clutches yet..>?
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