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Morning All,

This is off the Thames Valley Police Website. Looks like these SPECS rumours are unfounded.

New M4 Road Gantry Signs

The Highways Agency has installed new signs between J 12 and J 14 of the M4 as part of a year long pilot project to reduce congestion and collisions. The signs have two CCTV cameras. One which monitors the sign itself to make sure its working and displaying the right message; and another to monitor the congestion to evaluate the effect the sign is having on the traffic.

There are NO speed cameras and NO SPECS cameras in the signs!

The only involvement Thames Valley Police has is to change the messages on the signs according to the conditions to give up-to-date information. This is done via our control room. The signs are owned by the Highways Agency.

There is detailed information about the project on the Highways Agency website. Please follow the link below or call them on 0845 955 6575.
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