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Step 1.
1. Lift out ash tray and take out phillips screw at back of hole.
2. undo 2 phillips screws under dash/ speedo pod cover
3. Lower steering wheel to lowest position.
4. Carefully lift up the trim around gear shift, unplug wire from this
and put to one side.
5. Carefully ease the left centre dash away from the edge and work it out all the way along.
6. unclip two orange wiring plugs and one white plug from behing panel ( Heater / clock controls etc )
7. Ease rubber sensor pipe from back of panel to the right of the orange plugs and also detach white thin plug below this.
8. ease whole dash away from sterring column and detach the plug for the mirror control and any fog lamp wiring.
9. undo the remaining 2 screws from the dash pod cover. Lift panel away.
10. disconnect battery before undoing and removing dash pod, this is held in by 3 screws. If you dont it could F..k up your airbags etc.
11. lift dash pod away and unclip 3 plugs from the rear of pod.

12. Inspect the wires from the speedo converter, they should be as follows:
Red wire: positive live
Green wire: Negative earth
Yellow wire signal in
blue wire signal out
grey wire: ECU.

The fault will more than likely be either the red pos or green earth wire. either a bad connection to fitting or if soldered its coming away. Either way it is down to bad fitting by whoever did the job!

Refit it all back in same stages , but be carefull not to snag the speedo converter when you fit the pod back in.

Hope this helps you out!
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