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Speedo Problem

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OK - sorry if this has been dealt with in another thread but I couldnt find anything quite like it...
I have a problem where if I am doing over maybe 60mph with headlights on, if I indicate or switch on hazard lights the speedo dies. If I then switch headlights off & on again it will start working again.
It only happens in the above situation though. If i'm doing less than 60 or the headlights are off the problem doesnt occur.
Has anyone had anything like this? Its driving me up the wall
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It's possible that either your alternator or battery is faulty and there isn't enough current being provided for everything to run.. I'd get your alternator tested and/or try out a different battery.
OK thx mate will check those out first... cant see it being the battery cos its brand new an definately correct, but maybe the alternator
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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