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Splitfire Ignition Coil Packs R32 R33

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Uprated Splitfire Direct Ignition System to replace your Skyline's standard coilpack units. GTS, GTR and GTT coil pack units from splitfire are held in stock at Temple Tuning. Improved spark, better performance, replace old and worn out coil packs. Suitable standard and modified skylines.

SF-DIS-001 SF-DIS-005 SF-DIS-008

See here;

If you are unsure which coilpacks you require please do ask me and i will happily advise. :)
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Seems ok to me too. But everything is always on the website with prices anyway. :)
Hi Chris,
Yes, Splitfires for all models in stock.
Best Regards
Can you pm me a price including delivery to Ireland on quick post.(next day if possible)
excellent packs, well def invest when i get all my speedin tickets paid for :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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