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Okay, so i am new to the world of skylines, i recently purchased a lovely metallic silver R33 GTST (4 weeks ago) and it came with white alloys.

Although the white alloys would look good on many cars/skylines, i just don't think it suits a silver car. (will post pics of my car very soon, as soon i have figured out how to do it?:gayboy: )

So i have booked my car in to get the alloys resprayed, now i must admit that i had my mind set on a straight forward gun metal grey, as i am also getting my interior done in a smoke grey colour (but that is a different subject and will post in another forum soon ref my new leather/alcantra interior)

After talking to a really nice guy at the shop, we decided, to go a little bit further and spray paint the alloys with a gun metal grey with a metallic flake in it too, which will give it a really good look in the sunlight. And while the wheels are off, why not do the calipers too he said. Great i said.

Now i can't wait, should hopefully be done early next week as soon i get a sample of the alcantra meterial so he can match the colour a bit better for the alloys. It is gonna look freaking awesome!! :drool: The guy said i could even use a little bit of the same colour under the bonnet too, but, other priorities first.

Again, will post pics as soon as the alloys and calipers are done.
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