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Stage 1 R33 GTST Remap V2

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New Stage 1 R33 GTST ECU V2 Remap with improved Fuel and ignition tables, Limiter increased to 7400 and a few other tweaks. Will give slightly more power and response over older versions.

Modifications required are :-

Front Mount Intercooler
Full Exhaust System
Induction Kit
Boost increase to .85b
Shell V-Power 98+ Octane fuel

Power can be expected upto 330bhp depending on engine condition and correct setup of ignition timing.

The graph here shows before and after on a test vehicle with exactly the same boost but only a change from a standard ecu to the remapped ecu. As you can see the power & torque curves are flattened out with a healthy increase in both power and torque.

Price is £210 on a exchange basis.

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For the plethora of people who already own the original generic ecu, is it possible for a free upgrade?
I'm aware that it's a write once deal, but was just thinking you'd be able to supply a v2 generic ecu, we then return our current v1 generic ecu, and you then either sell it on as a v1 and price it accordingly, or change the chip and add it back to your stock. You've already socketed the board, so changing the chip over is no great task. 60 quid for you to post a replacement chip out for us to swap over is a little steep IMO, given we already paid full price for the ecu in the first place. Unless I've misunderstood and that's 60 quid to post a replacement ecu and we keep our old one, that's reasonable in that case. Just thought you could charge for the cost of the chip and postage maybe.

Anyway, do you have a graph showing the difference between v1 and v2? As the only graph you've shown so far only compares v2 to standard. If you plan on charging us 60 quid to upgrade, I'd quite like to see how it's actually improved over the v1 for it to be worth my while.
the chips cost us £50, thats why the offer to change them as cheap as we can go
Wow, they made of gold or something? Oh well, fair enough! Must be fun while custom mapping a car then! Write once, see how it is, then tweak, write another, etc. Unless you can plug a laptop into the socket to make the map, with the car running off the laptop, and then write one finalised map to the chip when you've got it right?

So would you be exchanging ecus, or literally just sending a mapped chip through the post?

Any chance of a graph showing the difference between v1 and v2?
There's no moaning or expecting going on, but you don't get if you don't ask. I won't be the only person who's wondering. :)

As for generic maps being ****, they aren't. They're a compromise for those of us who don't have the money for a custom map, or people who plan on more mods in future, but don't want to pay for a map twice.

And if they had the old ones back, there's nothing stopping them from selling them cheaper than the v2 ones, or simply changing the chip and then having more v2 ECUs sat on the shelf ready for any new customers.
Cool, need this, like IOS update on Iphones!
The iOS7 updates are even worse than previous versions!
It's the graph that matters, not peak bhp. Which is why I keep asking for one comparing v1 with v2.
1 - 11 of 52 Posts
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