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Stage 1 R33 GTST Remap V2

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New Stage 1 R33 GTST ECU V2 Remap with improved Fuel and ignition tables, Limiter increased to 7400 and a few other tweaks. Will give slightly more power and response over older versions.

Modifications required are :-

Front Mount Intercooler
Full Exhaust System
Induction Kit
Boost increase to .85b
Shell V-Power 98+ Octane fuel

Power can be expected upto 330bhp depending on engine condition and correct setup of ignition timing.

The graph here shows before and after on a test vehicle with exactly the same boost but only a change from a standard ecu to the remapped ecu. As you can see the power & torque curves are flattened out with a healthy increase in both power and torque.

Price is £210 on a exchange basis.

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economy map

we do not have an economy map option, rich is more than happy to look at it on the dyno to see if the timing is all set up right as that can cause problems?

Disappointed :(

I only got mine a month or so back.

Can I send the ECU / CHIP off to you for the improved version ??

Yes it's better on fuel, but not worth the £$€ for the slight increase in the get up and go in my eyes. ( just my opinion )

I know you said I can bring it down and shove it on the dyno, but whats the point as you should know if its the economy map or not :p

And no label - serial number on the ECU so not as if I can sell it if I wanted to.

PM me if you like
as for upgrading to the new version, the chips used are write once only so they can not be updated. if you wanted to pay for a new chip and postage the cost would be £60 to anyone with a stage 1v1
the chips cost us £50, thats why the offer to change them as cheap as we can go

I'm aware that it's a write once deal, but was just thinking you'd be able to supply a v2 generic ecu, we then return our current v1 generic ecu, and you then either sell it on as a v1 and price it accordingly, or change the chip and add it back to your stock. You've already socketed the board, so changing the chip over is no great task. 60 quid for you to post a replacement chip out for us to swap over is a little steep IMO, given we already paid full price for the ecu in the first place. Unless I've misunderstood and that's 60 quid to post a replacement ecu and we keep our old one, that's reasonable in that case. Just thought you could charge for the cost of the chip and postage maybe.

Anyway, do you have a graph showing the difference between v1 and v2? As the only graph you've shown so far only compares v2 to standard. If you plan on charging us 60 quid to upgrade, I'd quite like to see how it's actually improved over the v1 for it to be worth my while.
that would become a custom map.

So if I were to take my car over in person to Rich, run my motor from a laptop and get the best map and then get the chip burned, would that still be included in the price or is then becoming a custom map, Bells?
The point of the new revision is not to offer it as a upgrade over the original that I done 6years ago but as a new version of the map with some extra refinements and changes that I have discovered and found work over the years.

Changes have been made to the scaling of the maps, rev limit, Boost limiter, VVT cut point and the fuel and ignition curves. The new version will make slightly more power at the expense of having to use Shell v-power or better as the ignition has been remaped using this fuel which is where the extra power will come from. Alot of the other adjustments are aimed at how the car feels and drives.

As the original plan was not really to offer a upgrade route to older ecus but more a new version for new customers. However if people would like to upgrade we have now come up with a few options. In my opinion it would not be worth the extra to upgrade to the new software as you are not going to feel a extra 5-10bhp or the slight increase in torque. However he are the prices if you wish to upgrade.

Upgrade from version 1 stage 1 to version 2 on a ecu exchange would be £60+vat and delivery
Upgrade from generic or stage 2 ecu would be £120+vat and delivery on a ecu exchange. The reason for the higher price on this one is that we can not use the original chip but on the stage 1 ecus we will offer a version 1 ecus that have been exchanged cheaper on ebay auctions as they come available.

I am away not until Wednesday but I will post up the original dyno sheets when I`m back.

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yes thats correct. You don`t even need to disconnect the battery. The ecu is located in the n/s footwell.
Nope I `v been away and have not sorted them yet. Are you interested in upgrading then?
on our ebay shop (rb-rebuild) or call office in working hours, if answer phone leave a message and we will get back to you

Can I buy online ? Or do I just ring the number threw day ? Cheers I'll take 1 tomorrow

Standard, V1 Stage 1 (discontinued) and V2 Stage 1 (only type available)

The stage 2 as said before has a smoother power delivery, Better topend power and torque. Tweaked ignition and fueling tables. Better map scaling. The Boost limit have been re installed rather than removed and raised to 1.0b.

The Version 2 map is now the ONLY one that any new ecu will be programmed with. As we said above it is not intended for you to be upgrading from Version 1 - Version 2 as in our opinion the improvments are not massive. But for people who are starting out and want there ECU done it will be the VERSION 2 map.

I hope that clears everything up.
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Red std
Blue v1
Brown v2

As you can see v2 has a much smoother torque curve (flat) and stronger top end power and torque.
You would need to either fit a decent quality bleedvalve or a electronic boost controller. Once the ecu is fitted you can raise the boost to .85b and this should see you with the results above. You are better off using the RB25 ecu for this.
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