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Stage 1 R33 GTST Remap V2

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New Stage 1 R33 GTST ECU V2 Remap with improved Fuel and ignition tables, Limiter increased to 7400 and a few other tweaks. Will give slightly more power and response over older versions.

Modifications required are :-

Front Mount Intercooler
Full Exhaust System
Induction Kit
Boost increase to .85b
Shell V-Power 98+ Octane fuel

Power can be expected upto 330bhp depending on engine condition and correct setup of ignition timing.

The graph here shows before and after on a test vehicle with exactly the same boost but only a change from a standard ecu to the remapped ecu. As you can see the power & torque curves are flattened out with a healthy increase in both power and torque.

Price is £210 on a exchange basis.

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Hi, sorry to drag up an old thread but I have the same question as KonradGER above.

Would the Bells Auto stage 1 ECu v.2 be effective with the following:

- 3" exhaust system
- sports cat
- Panel filter
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