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my thought are .....

i know the stagea engine i have is a rb25 but i do know the only thing that changes the displacement and makes it either a 2.5 or 2.6 is the crank and rods ?

i also know that a rb25 and rb26 sumps dont swap, not all the bolts line up, so the rb25 and rb26 must be a differant cast block

so...if the stagea rb25 block runs 4x4 with a gtr sump does this mean the stagea's a rb26 block with a 2.5 crank and rods but obviously stamped rb25 ?

makes sense to me but i might be just dreaming .....

but then do rb26's have larger head bolts ? im stripping my gtst engine this week so ill find out , i might just have the wrong info and it could be a 4x4 sump just for a stagea ?

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The stagea has an rb 25 engine as standard.

Most skylines with RB25 ( or maybe all ) are 2wd with a sump made accordingly,

On the 2wd stageas this same sump is used but on awd Stagea models a different sump is fitted which is Stagea specific. (its not a GTR sump)

Theoretically the awd stagea sump should bolt directly to any rb 25 motor but you will also need a gearbox with a transfer box to do this as all the series 1 AWD rb25 stageas were autos .The GTr box will fit to an rb 25 engine but I dont know how straight forward this is to do.

The difference between the engines is a lot more than just some extra cc s. Some parts are interchangeable (but not all ) I think it is possible to increase the capacity with a GTR crank but that wont make it a GTR engine .
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