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I've been trying to sell this Stagea for a little while now.
Deep down I wasnt keen on getting rid of it hence the previous sale price.

This is by far the nicest car I've owned and I'm sure some of you can understand why I'm so reluctant to sell.
Especially when I'm met with this view everytime I return to my car after buying milk for my tea at work!

This Stagea is no way ugly :)

Have to bite the bullet and lower the price as I really do need to sell this car as a whole.
This car is probably worth more in parts but I don't think I can bring myself to send it down the "Green mile"

Here's the spec

Engine rebuilt by Garage Saurus in Febuary 1999
Receipts and documentation to prove including original auction sheet.

1997 "P" Reg RS Four -V
2500cc RB25 DET engine
Currently with around 109,000 km on the clock
4wd Auto gearbox

Full bodykit in original KR4 gunmetal grey/silver.
ABS brakes
Climate control with fully working air conditioning
Electrix twin sunroof
Windscreen KPH digital readout.
18" BBS LM2 2 piece forged alloys with very good tyres.

Engine rebuilt and overhauled.
RB26 crankshaft
Nismo bearings/shells
N1 87mm pistons
Uprated headgasket
Nismo fuel pump
TD05-18G 10cm turbo
550cc injectors
Z32 Air flow meter
Nismo fuel pressure regulator
HKS Front mount intercooler
Blitz NUR spec W exhaust
Remapped ECU
Trust Iridium plugs
Blitz induction
Greddy dump valve
Greddy electronic boost controller
Tein Type Flex coilovers
Remote oil filter
Uprated Engine oil cooler
Uprated Gearbox oil cooler
Aftermarket xenon conversion
Exaust gas temp, oil pressure, oil temp and boost gauges.

I've had this car tracked and dynoed at Abbey and then had the fueling/timing set to UK fuel at Perfect Touch.

416bhp @ flywheel and 300lb/ft torque

The engine should easily handle more power but has been restricted by fitting the TD05-18G to prolong the life of the 4wd box.

I'm sure that if someone had the time and money, a GTR box and a bigger turbo could make this already quick car into something very quick :)

I've had a couple of interested parties but no-one as yet has come to view the car, maybe this is due to my previous asking price.

I've lowered the price to £6,800 and I'm open to serious offers close to this price.

If anyone is serious about getting a Stagea, you should really check my car out :)

PM me if you're interested and I can send more pics if needed.
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