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standerd gtr fuel pump

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hi what is the most power can you run with a standerd gtr fuel pump
also what pump will be safe for 500bhp
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400ish bhp

then its a in tank bosch 044 or a tomei,hks,nismo etc one
im looking for 500bhp at the flywheel ive been priced for hks 255 for £390 its sound very pricie to me maybe
it bloody is!!!

bosch o44 are around 120 quid afaik and you can get them in tank fitment too

they should be ok for 500bhp
Maybe go for a Walbro if they make one? They are cheap and effective!
Maybe go for a Walbro if they make one? They are cheap and effective!
walbro pumps wont do 500bhp unless you run two which is pointless
im with iansr33, i had to change my standard pump over 400fly bhp and now have an intank bosch 044 (about £120) and running close to 500 fly bhp
I used to have a Walbro 255litre/hour, that wouldn't be enough? Thought that was alot as it is!
bosch 044 sounds like what ill go for is that a intake fitment 500is max on them then is it
I have seen 500BHP on a walbro, but I would say it's marginal...
My catalogue lists the Bosch 044 as 200 LPH output...
Std R32 GTR pump is 190 LPH and R33/34 is a bit more at 195 LPH... Good for around 420-430 BHP
well infact you can use a standard gtr fuel pump upto 1400bhp if u no how
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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