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HI everybody,

After a very long time of absence on the forum I decided to finally start my own project thread.

After my introduction here on the forum I have searched and searched to find myself a suitable Skyline which was upgraded engine wise and also exterior wise.

After a half year of negotations and e-mails between myself and the previous owner, in the anticipation to sell my Audi A3 at the time, I finally sold my previous car and made the trip to Schotland.

After having made a testdrive round Aberdeen, and did some final check on the car I decided to finalise the deal, and that same day I was a very very Happy Skyline owner.

Below some pictures of the trip:

*picture taken 5 minutes after receiving the keys*

*first pit-stop during the trip from Aberdeen to Edinburgh*

*first stop for Gas, but as there was no RON 98 present I just had to fill her up with some 10 litres of RON95 to make it to the next petrol station*

*some scenery pictures on our way to the next gas station*

*arrived at the next gasstation in Jedburgh*

*driving through Northumberland National Park during the trip from Edinburgh to Newcastle to catch the ferry*

*bye bye Schotland*

*Arrived at the harbour terminal*

*Ferry in Sight*

*On the ferry, after having damaged the front bumper due to the bad guidance of the assisting dock employee whilst driving on to the ramp*

*Safely arrived in Holland*

Then after a while the care needed to be licensed in Holland. This is done at our Car Approval Agency called RDW.

*Finally Aquired the license plates*

But then trouble came along, as the car needed to pass the APK (comparable with the UK MOT). It needed a new MAP setting to pass this approval. As Jonne from Sky-Engineering does a check of the current engine status had quickly discovered that the turbo was not in the best condition and advised me to get it checked before running at full boost. As I took his advised and the turbo was sent to the UK to do the check. They soon discovered that the turbo was almost beyond repairable and it would cost about € 1000,- to get it fixed.

Then the long search for the most suitable turbo had to begin. I have had the most stupid thoughts such as a HKS T51-R etc.

But after a while I decided to go for the Garrett GT35R with .86AR housing.
The car was brought to where they did the following, as I decided to make it a complete engine make over:

- Installed Brandnew Garrett GT35R
- Welded a V-Band flange to the downpipe

- Heatwrapped as much of the exhaust manifold as possible without having to take it of
- Installed a JT Aluminium Radiator
- Installed a Electrical Fan and got rid of the Visco Fan

- Removed the NOS INstallation and closed the holes in the intake manifold

- Installed NEW SARD 740cc Injectors (first ordered 850cc but the swapped them with 740cc, picture is of the 850cc')

- Installed a JT Intercooler with custom JT intercooler piping

- Installed a QSP Dumpvalve

- Installed a 100m intake for the Turbo

- Installed a Q45 AFM
- Installed a New JT Airfilter
- Installed a JT Oil Cooler
- Installed a JT Oil Catch Tank

*Some pictures during the build*

End the most important, THE END RESULT :p

As TweenieRob was trying to Fine tune the ECU to give a safe and high BHP output he came to the conclusion that the wastegate was to small. This ment that from 5750 RPM onwards the turbo delivered from a 0.8 bars all of sudden 1,9 Bars which ment unsafe situation. For example, highway acceleration in 4th gear and still the back of the car was trying to pass the front of the car.

So there for it has now temporarily limited to 5757 RPM as we still need to install a bigger wastegate.

Some pictures of her first re-appearence on the track:

More pic's to follow. Soon a short movie is going to be made. As soon as it has been made I will post it here as well :D

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thats lovely mate love the black over red colour scheme, just wondering are you selling your old intercooler (the hks one) :D

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When the wastegate is sorted, it will have three different set-ups:
1) Road +/- 1,0 bar = about ??bhp
2) TRack +/- 1,6 bar = about ??bhp
3) Drag +/- 2,3 bar = about ??bhp

TweenieRob and Jonne (Jonne from Sky-Engineering) felt quite safe to say that the engine could easily cope with 700bhp + output so I am very curious of what the actual output is going to be :D

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thats lovely mate love the black over red colour scheme, just wondering are you selling your old intercooler (the hks one) :D
The old intercooler installed by the previous owner is a Standard Skyline R33 GTR intercooler with HKS sprayed on it.

And off course it is for sale. As well as my NOS kit with 6 injectors etc ;)

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Some while ago Since I last updated my Project Topic.

Reason being, I have had a lot of troubles with the skyline, all of them related to the engine.
1) First it started with not getting the wastegate sorted out to get the minimum boost to +/- .8bar
2) Oil leakages at the oil coolers adapter plate
3) To top it of the complete crank bearings were blown to bits after having it revved to 7900RPM (after having it sufficiently mapped by Sky Engineering in the NEtherlands)

From there on I was continiously doubting what to do:
1) Rebuild the current Engine with the GT35R Set-up
2) Build a RB30 with the GT35R Set-up
3) Buy myself another damaged skyline with a recently build (or almost new engine)

I went for the last option and after having looked for almost 3 months on Pistonheads I found one which could be suitable to use for my project.

So off we went to the UK (Again) :

Specs of the car:

~ Full HKS GT3037 Pro S ball bearing turbo kit
~ HKS turbo elbow
~ Custom straight 3" exhaust pipe from elbow back with decat
~ Z32 AFM
~ HKS super power flow filter kit
~ Aluminium custom piping from turbo
~ Huge front mount intercooler kit with custom aluminium piping
~ GReddy style inlet plenum
~ Nismo 555cc injectors
~ Walbro 255 fuel pump
~ HKS Denso iridium spark plugs
~ Uprated clutch
~ HKS SSQ blow off valve
~ JJR Engine damper kit
~ GTR strut brace
~ Custom oil catch tank set up
~ Silicone radiator hoses
~ Apexi Power FC mapped by RSP
~ Apexi AVC-r
~ Apexi turbo timer

Engine Compartment:

Dyno Sheet:

The Skyline itself (when it was not damaged)

When we picked up the car in the UK

There after we have taken out the Engine from the black one

Then we used some parts from the old engine to be used on this one:
- OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch
- Sump (old one was damaged)
- Flushed all of the oil lines and the adaptor ring of the Oil Cooler
- Polished the Rocker covers
- Installed to Clear Cam Cover
- Some other bits and pieces

Pictures of the Engine

I decided to also do something with the interior so I also bought a Flocked Dash:

Taken out the old dash:

Bought myself a Ikeya Shifter with Gear Indicator

I was doubting if I would do something with the interior and I have always been a fan of the Carbon Bumper Canards. So I decided to buy a set of my own from APR

Example when installed

Couldn't resist and also purchased a Front Splitter from Carbon Mods

To make it a little bit safer (for myself and the people around me on the track) I bought a BBK from K-Sport, 356mm 8piston

I have also bought a Bee-R Spoiler Blade from EPR Racing to fit in my Do-Luck spoiler:

The Same day I took off the front bumper and installed the Canards and the Splitter

To compliment the rear I have also bought a Formula Renault DryCarbon Diffuser which needs some minor adjustments to fit the rear bumper (pictures up Soon)

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Wow.... just read through it all, i want them canards to! Let us no how that Ikeya Shifter is envy performance do them didnt no if they where a bit noisy i heard they wine a little, prob just :bs:

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very nice liking the front bumper with canards and splitter the colours go well ;) good work


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Thanx for the nice comment's there is more to come on a short notice such as 18" Wheels with Toyo R888's in lieu of the curren Buddy Club 19" Wheels.

I am also going to fit the engine in the black and red this saturday so I will post up some pictures during the course of next week

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wow great work and great pics!

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What is the red front bumper please, and do they make a GTR version? Looking for something similar with big I/C aperture and big apertures for engine oil and gearbox / PAS oil coolers. Thanks.

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car looks mean as mate fair play, not sure on the bee-r style spoiler extension but the colours and power well what can be said there its unreal.

What's a BN? Thanks for the fast reply :)
BN sports - or BN style, depending on how much you want to pay, genuine will set you back a bucket load compared to a replica which is just as good if not better in some cases, get onto knight-racer on here and they'll hook you up with one.
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