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Steering Rack questions

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Anyone have a parts diagram for a steering rack (mines an r33 , but it may apply to other years as well).

Also, is the rack shared on any other platforms - 300zx, s14, etc?

I'd like to get a rebuild kit with new seals, etc - so i was hopeing that there was a similiar platform that i could get parts from.

I'm not going to be using the HICAS, so i was going to pull the sensor from the rack so i would have more room (if i understand it the system varies the pump pressure, not the pressure at the rack).

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From memory (andf I could well be wrong!) there was no seal kit available, only replacement racks.

However I recently sent an R33 rack off to a Hydraulics Specialist firm to see if the seals could be obtained or manufactured...
thanks for the info, i am looking at possibly using a 240sx rack for my application.
I am afraid I only have UK and JDM FAST available.

So I can't check the 240SX LHD racks for you :sorry:

Have you searched Stateside forums like NICO etc?

I did some searching , but last night i did the mock up and the r33 rack is fitting fine without much modification. Thank you for your time.

Here is the motor swap i'm working on ( turbo ls1 swap)

thanks, james
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LS1, turbo conversion....

Not much shortage of torque then!

What turbos are you using on that lump?

not sure which turbos - probably twin, but still debating. Aiming for a max of around 700, i'm mostly into drifting / track days and not looking for a crazy amount of power.

I'll post up my build thread on this forum soon.

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