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She's gone from a completely std R33 GTST with just new wheels on

To looking like this

Have now just fitted new wheels and other bits to the car, what ya reckon?

Here's the current spec;

• Rising sun front mount intercooler
• HKS S40i spark plugs
• Apex-I power fc + Palm controller
• Apex-I induction kit + custom heat shield
• Nismo oil cap
• HKS Rad cap
• Polished fuse box cover + Slam panel
• Polished washer bottle + P.A.S cover
• Greddy full 3” Exhaust
• 1.8mm head gasket
• Tomei Pon inlet Cam
• Rising sun breather kit
• Samco boost hoses
• Samco water Hoses
• Greddy pro-fec B spec-2 boost controller
• Sard 550cc injectors
• Z32 AFM
• Ss autochrome twin dump pipe
• Turbo dynamics stage 3 R34 GTT turbo
• Turbo turbine housing heat blanket
• Downpipe Heat wrapped
• Custom intercooler water spray kit
• Devilsown water/methanol injection kit
• 13 row mocal oil cooler
• Nismo engine mounts
• Various blue engine detailing

• Redline Heavy duty Gearshock oil
• Nismo Quickshift
• Excedy sports organic R32 GTR clutch

• Black 8.5J 18” Split rim Alloys (unknown make)

• DBA 4000 6x6 Discs + Red stuff Pads
• Brake stopper

• Whiteline Front + Rear Sway bars
• Tein lowering springs
• GTR Rear strut brace
• Front strut brace
• 5mm Front + 6mm Rear spacers

• Jun 400r front + rear bumpers
• Jun side skirts
• GTR carbon fibre rear spoiler
• GTR Grille
• 400r Arch Extensions
• Border Carbon Fibre Bonnet
• Bosch Euro wipers

• Full R33 GTR interior
• Momo gear knob
• Nismo steering wheel
• Evolution charge temp gauge
• Polished Gear stick surround
• Various silver dash detailing

• Air con removed

• Alpine head unit
• 2 x 600w Kickers 12” subs
• 1 x 1000w Kenwood sub amp
• Seas front components
• 1 x Kenwood 180w amp

• TOAD CAT 1 Alarm + immobiliser
• RAC Tracker

• 391.2bhp @1.285bar
• 358.3ft/lbs @1.285bar
[figures before cam, water injection, oil cooler, IC water spray & turbo dynamics turbo, heat sheilds & 1.4 bar re-map]

• Japspeed alloy intake pipe
• Splitfire coil packs
• Japspeed engine dampner
• Greddy swirl pot
• Nismo cooler thermostat
• Koyo rad
• Bee-R rev limiter
• Electrics stabalizer
• Forge piston & rods rebuild
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looks much better bud fills the arch out much more. you havent put the flamer kit on the list chaaavvvv:rofl:
Looks great!!

Big fan of those 400r arches - great pics
lovelly looking car

Out of interest,how do you rate your new turbo as I'm looking at something that'll give around 400hp with minimal lag in the not too distant future
Its a little more laggy than the RSP one but gives a nice strong power surge that doesn't stop.
what a beaut with c/b:drool:
your running that much power on standard coilpacks though:eek::eek:
lokking good loving your bonnet...never said that before
Cheers for the comments guys.

Standard coil packs are normally fine to 500bhp at least, its just the age that kills them, mine are only 3 years old.
very nice! What sort of power do you reckon you'll see at 1.4bar and with the other new bits?
From SoftBall to HardCore!!!

The right combo of colours...for a hard look!

Perfect! :D
really clean !! how do you keep your engine hoses so clean??
I dont think power will be a lot more maybe 420-430bhp, but i'd like to think my torque will be up due to cooler temps and my power band will be slightly bigger.
Like that alot bruce :smoker:
looking Great Bruce although the pics don't do it justice!!!!!

Glad to see you washed it though lol :rofl:
Very nice looking car, I'm jealous.
looks lovely mate, looking forward to seeing it in daylight on sunday
Looks real nice bruce :boogy:
How about some more carbon fibre though??????

yep it looks good mate, just a shame you cant drive properly :D
1 - 20 of 1251 Posts
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