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Several year ago I posted some info and photos of my RB20 powered 1984 RX-7, and referenced my postings on Car Domain. Subsequently, CarDomain changed owners and scrapped the software that everyone had used to post their projects. My postings were literally scrambled.

More recently I created a website to show my projects, and it is partially complete, mostly the automotive projects, but I hope to post my aviation photos some time later this year. The website is:

The RX-7 and the Studebaker are both very nice driving cars. I have shown the Studebaker in several car shows, and lots of people like it. I have even had people tell me it was the nicest car in the show, more than once. But of course you don't take an American car with a Japanese drive train to a car show and expect to go home with a trophy.

My most recent project may be of interest to those technically inclined. The Stiletto three wheeler had a meltdown of the cheesy Kawasaki wiring I had used, and we decided to rewire it. I had two Skyline motors and had accumulated a lot of spare parts, so I had an ECU, cam sensor, airflow sensor, etc. The Kasasaki is a straight six, dual cams, same firing order, but had a "lost spark" ignition, i.e., crank sensor only so the plugs fired every revolution. My machinist adapted the Skyline cam sensor to the exhaust cam and everything else was pretty straightforward. The six carbs were replaced with a custom intake airbox and an Infiniti J30 throttle body. The ECU went to Nistune for their tunable chip, and they assured us we would never get it to work right. My tuner came to visit me about five times, with a short drive each time fiddling with his laptop, and now it starts instantly, idles, takes throttle smoothly and has good torque through the entire range. I will post photos and discuss this modification in more detail some time soon. I am pretty sure I have the only Skyline powered Studebaker, and now I think I have the only Kawasaki motor with a Skyline engine management system.
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