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Stock R34 Bumper wanted

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As above looking for stock R34 bumper. Would prefer it in black GV1 but not too fussed if some other colour.
Dont mind if the paint has faded, scratched etc etc but not interested if there any cracks or breaks in the bumper.
PM me with what you have plus price please.

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Cheers Bud. Can always count on you :)
assume yuo want GTT bumper, not GTR?:confused:
Thanks but bumper now found and acquired. Cheers.
Lol. Well you did give me the heads up.....
You have a GTR bumper?
yeah, bought 2 last year when I had a bump at Bruntingthorpe, thought I'd keep it as a spare, but am trying to clear some space in the garage:doh:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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