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I recently fitted up a cat delete and have noticed that my wideband is reading low to mid 13 AFR at idle and low rpm. Ratios with boost seem normal, but non-boost throttle is running slightly richer than before. I'm honestly not too concerned, just thought it was odd and wondering if there is a simple explanation out there.

Here's what I did... Removed and refit my POS ebay downpipe after modifying it so that it would fit and seal better. Bolted up nicely. Put my wideband back in which only reads off the forward bank and is simply a readout gauge. Then fit up the straight pipe and reinstalled the stock EGT sensor. Torqued everything down and fired up.

it sounds like I may have small exhaust leak somewhere either on the downpipe or straight pipe, but its no worse than what I had prior to refitting the downpipe, and the car was running/idling perfect at 14.5 to 14.7 AFR.

Any ideas?
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