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Stolen Parts, Please keep an eye out


Stolen on Friday night /early hours of Saturday morning from Blackwood....

From Jamie Kenyons BDC MxSR20 and a Supra....

HKS FMIC (from Supra)

From the MXSR20

1 Blue Willens 4 point FIA harness
1 Blue Ricco 4 point FIA harness
Blitz SUS Induction kit
SR20 afm
Customer intercooler pipe to turbo
Small black Omari boost gauge.

Any information greatly recieved, out of all the cars in the car park these were the only two with bits robbed from them. The idiots also managed to smash the drivers windows on both cars and ruin both bonnets ripping the aerocatches through

Pm me, or email with any info [email protected]

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