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After being up on ebay for the 2nd time, it's 3rd time lucky (i hope). Some tosser bid 11 hours before auction end, then emailed me to say he couldn't go through with the sale. Unfortunately no one out bid him!! So it's back up.
£3995ovno More pics and info here

I'm reluctantly having to sell my Impreza which replaced my R32 (even more family has come along!)

Offers Around £3995

2001 Subaru Impreza GX Sport with 63,150 miles. Just had the 60k service (with cam belt) and Friday 5th Oct had a brand new BOSCH battery fitted by ATS (a small fortune in itself!)

Being the GX Sport, you benefit from the factory fitted WRX body kit (minus the bonnet scoop), sports front seats and you also get the leather MOMO steering wheel.

It’s a non turbo, so is also very good on insurance (purchased so my wife could drive and insure it and she loves it for those ladies out there!) Insurance grp 12 and also it does 33 MPG (as quoted).

As you can see in the pics, there is loads of boot space (that is a twin buggy in there) and also the ski hatch allows you to put longer thin loads in if required.

MOMO Tilt Steering Wheel
Air Conditioning
CD Player
Power Windows all round
Power Locks all round
Passenger Driver Airbag
4-Wheel Drive
Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
Alarm and Imob
Alloy Wheels
Auto Transmission

As well as details above, it has a Thatcham Cat 1 Subaru Alarm and Immobiliser (an expensive extra when new), and has the little key pad in the flap in the dash. It is a non-smoking car, and has a full Subaru Service History up until I owned it only 10/11 months ago.

Service History:-

1k mile Service
West Bromwich
1097 Miles

12k mile service/12 month
9869 Miles

24k miles / 24 months
Gatwick Group
23405 Miles

36k miles / 36 months
Gatwick Group
33680 Miles

48k miles / 48 months
Gatwick Group
45238 Miles

60k miles / 60 months
St Leonards
East Sussex
60601 Miles

At Langleys, everything was done. Shell Helix oil change, Air/Oil Filters, New plugs, Cam Belt (Not shown on invoice as I purchased this myself - I have a separate Receipt for this). However, Langleys fitted this, and can be seen in the labour charge.

There are a few minor marks on the car, nothing serious. A very small dink under the filler cap. This can only be seen in certain lights and is the size of a 10p piece.

A scratch on the drivers’ side rear door. Not dented, just scratched, and is about 100 - 150mm long. This may t-cut out. Also two small (2-3mm) mark on the boot lid. This has been over painted in the past to stop corrosion. Again doesn’t notice.

Some minor parking marks on the bumper. Again, probably t-cut out most of them. Some may be a little deeper than just surface scratches, but again, don't stand out.

There wheels are all straight and good, but do have minor kurb marks (see pics).

Interior is very clean, and tasteful! There is some marks on the plastics of the rear doors (I think the previous owner to me had children in the back).

The auto gearbox is very good. Great when you need to overtake with good kickdown, and also really good on motorways and cruising. It's switchable to Sport mode and also an ICE mode.

The only reason we are (reluctantly) selling, is the arrival of our new baby. We have just bought a mobile home 4 hours away, and plan to visit it a lot.

Because of this, we need something a little bigger like a (Caugh Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail - anything Japanese and slightly bigger).

Viewing is recommended, and can be weekdays mon-thurs 5:30 to 7pm, Friday 1:30-7pm and weekends.

If you have any questions, please email me or call 07793962958.



I'm looking around the £3995 mark.
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