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what kind of
1. exhaust system
2. intake
3. turbo
4. clutch (strong, reliable..)
5. fuel pump/injectors
6. intercooler
7. bov
would be good on a GTR r32..
i have some in mind but i was wondering what
you guys would suggest..
thanks.. :) much appreciatedd

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Atlanta huh? Right on. I am running something in the ballpark of that. Here is what I have.

1)Bee-Racing stainless downpipe, Blitz Nur spec exhaust with decat (all stainless as well)
2)Blitz Sus intakes
3)Twin TD05's with HKS external racing spec wastegate
4)OS Gikken Twin plate clutch.
5)550cc injectors, (Need bigger though, as well as larger fuel pump)
6)HKS 3 core intercooler
7)Twin blitz bov's

There are quite a few other items as well, gotta take care of a motor with that much work done, i.e. oil cooler, water pump, oil pump and very importantly a aftermarket ECU. I chose the power fc, thinking of either going to a newer one (D-jetro) or a f-con v pro. How long have you owned the car?
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