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Superforma Hicas Elimination Kit​

This is kit has been tested on many Nissans including Skylines with great performance!

The kit gets rid of your old HICAS unit, arms and bushes, replacing the Hicas rear steering on Hicas equipped Nissans.

The kit includes toe rods, rose joints, steel bushes, main bar, nuts & bolts & everything else you need to fit the kit.

The kit will improve handling greatly & will replace any faulty or weak components. The hicas balljoints will also be completely removed, being a common MOT failure and not a cheap item to buy new!

It fits all HICAS equipped cars, including R32GTS-t, R32 GTR, R33 GTS-t, R33 GTR, R34 GTT, R34 GTR, S14 Silvia, S15 Silvia, S13 180sx, S13 Silvia, A31 Cefiro, A33 Laurel, Z32 300ZX and more

Read more here!

£199.99 including VAT!

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